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Teddy Kumpel: guitar player for Joe Jackson

Here's Teddy Kumpel interview. He was in Paris touring with Joe Jackson so we took the opportunity to record this video the morning after the concert. I met Teddy at the 2016 NAMM show through Julie Cord from Blue Mouth Promotions (thanks Julie!).

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Sungha Jung interview at the 2016 Musikmesse

Here's Sungha Jung interview done during the latest Musikmesse in Frankfurt. Sungha was there on the Lakewood booth to promote his signature model and play a couple of shows in Germany.

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Amp Review – DV Mark Micro 50: good sounding solid state head

During the NAMM I was intrigued by theDV Mark Micro 50 amp. It's super small and quite powerful with 50W. DV Mark is a brand more established in the bass amp market but big players like Greg Howe or Frank Gambale are using their guitar amps so it says something about what they propose.

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Maybach Guitars story through this Toni Götz interview

Here's Toni Götz interview done during the Guitares au Beffroi festival in 2016, a perfect opportunity to hear the whole Maybach Guitars story. This brand is proposing a full range of high quality Vintage inspired instruments with an excellent price/quality ratio.

Maybach is a guitar brand launched a few years ago with a line of instruments manufactured in Prague, Czech Republic with German pickups.

Johnny Beane interview

During the 2016 Winter NAMM I had the pleasure to finally meet a long time Twitter friend, Johnny Beane (@johnnybeane). Of course I met him in front of the EVH guitars as he is well known for his love for Edward Van Valen guitar playing. Here's the Johnny Beane interview in audio, recorded in sunny California.

Johnny Beane website :
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Van Halen Rising: interview with the author Greg Renoff

As a big fan of Van Halen I had to read this book about the early years of the band. While at the 2016 Winter NAMM I took the opportunity to interview Greg Renoff, the author of Van Halen Rising.

The book website:

Book review
No need to be an ultra fan of Van Halen to enjoy reading the book.

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Guitar podcast directory – Selection

The Guitar Channel has been active as a podcast since its launch in 2009. In fact everything started as an audio podcast to evolve to its current form of a full audio and video show. It seems that as of 2015 the podcast space has regain a bit of his past glory and I am not going to complain about that as there won't be ever such thing as too many podcasts. Here's a guitar podcast directory in the form of this list of the guitar related podcast I am aware of.

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Bryan Beller interview: one of the caballeros with the Aristocrats
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Bryan Beller interview: one of the caballeros with the Aristocrats

Here's an audio interview with Paul Marchand, the director of the Jaco Pastorius documentary.

In the Discovery Interview series, I am happy to present you with an interview I did a while ago with Mitch Laddie (, an excellent guitar player and singer. He has some strong influences from SRV, Hendrix and Eric Johnson but he has developed a style of his own which you can listen throughout the excellent album Burning Bridges.

Extracts of Burning Bridges before the interview

Would You

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I discovered Antti Paranko through the luthier Juha Ruokangas, also from Finland. In fact Antti is endorsed by Juha and has worked with him to compose some music specifically for his brand. After hearing this music (which you can hear at the beginning of every Luthier Chronicle with Juha) I decided I wanted to hear more.

Maybe you don't know it (yet) but on vibrato equipped guitar, the metal block below where the strings attached has a very important role in your tone. I heard about the FU Tone product through the years and I thought it would be interesting to have the guy behind the product to talk about it. So here I am presenting you with an interview with Adam Reiver from FU Tone.

Here's below the block Adam sent me to try on my Ernie Ball Music Man EVH model. I will try it and report here on the website my findings.

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Here's an unreleased audio interview with Oz Noy that I did back in 2013. There's no good reason why I waited so long to release it as I really dig the Twisted Blues Vol. 1 album so here it is now for your listening pleasure.

My attention was brought to Oz by a friend of mine who is also a pro guitar player, Jean-Michel Kajdan (merci Jean-Mi !).

When I used to live in Montreal I had the great pleasure to see Sonny Landreth live a couple of times during the Jazz Festival (where I will be next week for the first time officially for The Guitar Channel), it was always a blast to see him play so I jumped on the opportunity to interview him for the release of his latest album Bound by the Blues.

Until the next podcast, keep on playing the guitar,


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Dweezil Zappa interview: a new album coming up

I was able to catch Dweezil Zappa on Skype in between tours with the Zappa Plays Zappa project and the recording of the first solo album in 10 years.

Subjects discussed in the interview

His first guitar
The main turning points in his career
How to go from the Zappa Plays Zappa project to recording again his own music
The difficulties to recreate his dad's original sounds
The next projects
Word of wisdom



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I really enjoyed the Distance Traveled album from the David Becker Tribune so I decided to do a Skype interview with him to learn more about this awesome Jazz guitar player.

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Tony Macalpine interview: builder of Concrete Gardens

Here's a Tony Macalpine interview for the release of Concrete Gardens. We did a Skype call to talk about this new release. The album is excellent, the technic is stratospheric as usual but thank God the music is not forgotten! It's always a good thing to see a musician like Tony releasing new material.

I heard about Kathryn Marie Dudley book, Guitar Makers - The Endurance of Artisanal Values in North America, from Austrian luthier Michael Spalt. I contacted the editor and received a copy of the book soon after. Kathryn exposes a fascinating story of the North American guitar builders.

Steve Hackett interview (@HackettOfficial) about Wolflight
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Steve Hackett interview about the Wolflight album

For the release of the his previous solo album Beyond The Shrouded Horizon in 2011 I did an audio interview with Steve Hacket. Here's a new one for his latest work with the album called Wolflight. This album is full of the epic music Steve is so good at composing.

Extracts of the album before the Steve Hackett interview

Loving Sea
Black Thunder
Heart Song

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While I was at the NAMM show I almost did a video interview with Adrian Belew. It did not happen because of a delayed plane so we did it via phone a couple of weeks later. I hope you will enjoy this interview with this eternal brilliant experimentator.

Adrian played with so many people and bands that it's impossible to list them all.

Zane Carney interview about the 2015 NAMM show and more

On March 2nd 2015, we did a 35min Skype video call with Zane Carney to get all the latest news. The audio interview is available for free on the podcast feed.

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Interview with Doug Scarratt from Saxon

Back in 2012 I had the opportunity to meet Doug Scarratt while he was in Paris to promote a Saxon best-of album.

Don Alder awesome acoustic guitar player from Canada
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Don Alder awesome acoustic guitar player from Canada

It is thanks to Shai Sebbag that I met with Don Alder who was visiting in Paris for a concert. I did not know at all that musician who has stunning acoustic guitar technique.

Philip Sayce is a guitar player who already had a very rich career in the music business. He's is really making his thing with a lot of passion and a huge talent. For the release of Influence, his latest album, I had the pleasure to do a Skype interview.

Here's an Adam Miller interview. Adam was in Paris for the promo tour of the Premier Builders Guild to demo the Baker guitars and the Tone King amps at Guitars Addicts (one of the best guitar shop we have in Paris, It was the perfect opportunity to do an audio interview guitar in hand with a musician who is as awesome on acoustic as he is on electric.

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Gilad Hekselman, a rising star among the jazzmen

Following the advice from Bruno Pelletier-Bacquaert I added a couple of jazzmen to my radar in order to have more Jazz guitar players featured on the show. Gilad Hekselman was in Paris in July for one night at the Duc des Lombards, I took this opportunity to interview him before the concert.

Robert Cray interview (@RobertCrayBand)
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Robert Cray interview in Paris

Back in May 2014, Robert Cray was in Paris to promote his latest album "In My Soul".

Stephan Forte interview: Enigma Opera Black, his latest album
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Stephan Forte interview: Enigma Opera Black, his latest album

Stéphan Forté is one of those French musician who is more famous in the rest of the world than in his home country.

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Doug Redler interview: guitar tech of the stars

Doug Redler is one of the top guitar tech, he has toured behind countless musicians. From Brian Ferry to K.D. Lang to the Black Crowes. He is currently working with Rich Robinson from the Crowes.

He wrote a great book to share his experience on the road.

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