Fantastic final day at Guitar Summit 2023 ( with another rich harvest of interviews and the conclusion of the salon visit. Sunday once again drew a crowd of visitors, confirming that the passion for the guitar is as fervent as ever Interviews of the day Reports: Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3 Guitar

Sensational Day 2 at Guitar Summit 2023: 8 interviews and show floor visit

Saturday at Guitar Summit 2023 ( was a memorable day at the exhibition, marked by a massive turnout, the presence of numerous guitar stars, and an exceptional musical atmosphere. The world of the guitar shone brightly in Mannheim! It's a great experience to be part of such a dynamic event entirely dedicated to the guitar

Diving into the heart of Guitar Summit 2023: show visit and showcases

The Guitar Summit ( 2023, the premier European event for guitar enthusiasts, resonated through the strings from September 22nd to 24th in Mannheim, Germany! Explore the thrilling details of the first day with our comprehensive coverage and delve into the captivating guitar show visit that marked the kickoff of this exceptional event. Congratulations to the

Iconic Guitars, the up-and-coming boutique guitar brand! Factory tour & Interviews

Iconic Guitars ( is an American boutique manufacturer we're hearing more and more about. I discovered them at NAMM 2022 and was impressed by the quality of their work. Having kept in touch with founder Kevin Proctor, I went to their Carlsbad factory for a full factory tour. It was also an opportunity to interview

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Zane Carney interview – NAMM 2016

From the archives, here is a 2016 unreleased interview of Zane Carney during the Winter NAMM 2016. Zane Carney interview Until the next interview or gear review, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre Journel. For more info:Zane Carney InterviewsGuitar in Hand Interviews

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Panucci Guitars, Angelo van Merrienboer luthier interview in Montreux and double demo

Dutch luthier Angelo van Merrienboer of Panucci Guitars ( was one of the exhibitors at the second edition of the Montreux International Guitar Show. Here he is in an interview to present his guitars on his stand. As a bonus, after the interview you also get a double guitar demo recorded on site: a superb

John Shanks, interview with musician, Bon Jovi guitarist, composer, producer

One of the great things about going to Los Angeles for NAMM (or any other time for that matter!) is that you can potentially bump into incredible musicians at any time in the local music stores. Such was the case during our visit to L.A. Vintage Gear ( on Ventura Boulevard, where the famous John

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Eric Steckel interview at the MIGS 2023

Eric Stekel ( was one of the headliners at MIGS 2023. A perfect opportunity to finally interview this energetic American guitarist, who delivered an incandescent concert on the shores of Lake Geneva during the festival. Eric Steckel interview Audio version available on The Guitar Channel Radio for premium subscribers Until the next interview or gear

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MIGS 2023: the finest electric guitars on demo
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MIGS 2023: the finest electric guitars demoed

At the second edition of the Montreux International Guitar Show ( there were some phenomenal electric guitars on display from luthiers from all over Europe. Below is a very personal selection of the 18 instruments that caught my eye… and my ear! Guitars demoed The recording setup was the same for all the guitars: my

Interview with Masahiro Murayama, luthier's European guitar importer in Japan

Here's an interview that should be of interest to all luthiers wishing to export their guitars to Japan. Indeed, Masahiro Murayama ( is a Japanese businessman whom I bump into at all European guitar shows. In fact he does that to find luthiers whom he then imports to Japan. Here is an interview with Masahiro

Petteri Sariola, guitar in hand interview during the 2023 MIGS

Finnish acoustic guitarist Petteri Sariola ( was one of the musicians scheduled to perform at the 2023 MIGS. I had the great pleasure of receiving him for a guitar-in-hand interview on the The Guitar Channel booth in the middle of the show. Petteri Sariola interview Audio version available on The Guitar Channel Radio for premium

Blackbeard Guitars : double demo at the Guitar Show Padova and luthier interview

In 2022, I had the pleasure of interviewing Italian luthier Paolo Lardera of Blackbeard Guitars ( at the Guitar Show Padova. This is why I propose you this video again, to complement this double demo of two super guitars that Paolo was exhibiting in 2023. Blackbeard Guitars double demo Audio version available on The Guitar

Emil from Djerjinski Guitars, interview and guitar demo

Having already crossed paths in Spain at the Madrid show in 2019 and subsequently at other shows, it was in Japan at the Sound Messe in Osaka that I finally interviewed Emil from Djerjinski Guitars ( This Bulgarian luthier makes excellent electric guitars. As a demo, I'd like to introduce you to the Sooty, a

Demos of the most beautiful electric guitars at Sound Messe 2023 in Osaka, Japan

At the Sound Messe show in Osaka, Japan, there were some incredible electric guitars. I've selected 13 of them for you to listen to, 10 of them Japanese, 2 American and 1 French. The recording setup was the same for all the guitars: a simple audio interface, the Zoom AMS-44 and Axiom V2 from Blue

For the past few guitar shows, I've been traveling with the necessary gear to record electric guitar demos with excellent sound quality. The configuration is composed of a Zoom AMS-44 audio interface and a computer running Axiom from Blue Cat Audio. Here are the demos of all the guitars tested at the Guitar Show Padova

The Italian pedal manufacturer Salvatore di Pietro from Volta Custom presented at Guitar Show Padova 2023 its new version of its Marshall-in-a-Box pedal, the 1987 Pro. Guided tour on his booth! Interview Salvatore di Pietro Until the next interview or gear review, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre Journel.

Maple Handmade: discovery of an Italian luthier at the Padova show and guitar demos

One of the reasons why I love going to the Padova show is that you can discover Italians guitar builder that you don't see elsewhere. This is the case of Enzo Pascariello, Italian luthier of Maple Handmade ( Here he is in interview to present his work. The interview is completed by two guitar demos,

Guitar Show Padova 2023, 9 interviews and 9 of the most beautiful electric guitars in demo

Sunday May 21, 2023 was the second and last day of the Guitar Show Padova 2023 ( Big crowd with again a lot of visitors as the day before. It's a nice harvest of interviews that I propose you to discover in this report and nine of the most beautiful electric guitars in demo. Interviews

Guitar Show Padova 2023, Day 1 report at the biggest Italian guitar show

The last stop of the 2023 world tour of guitar shows was in Italy with the Guitar Show Padova ( The previous stops of the tour were: the NAMM in Los Angeles, the MIGS in Montreux, the Sound Messe in Osaka. It was the 3rd time I made the trip to what is the most

Michael Bashkin luthier interview at the Sound Messe in Osaka, Japan

Michael Baskin ( was one of the exhibitor in the boutique section of the Sound Messe ( in Osaka, Japan. He is a world class acoustic guitar builder and he also hosts the great podcast Luthier on Luthier. Michael Bashkin interview Audio version available on The Guitar Channel Radio for premium subscribers Until the next

Sound Messe 2023 Day 3: 7 interviews, 7 guitars in video, 1h30 report

Third and last day for this 10th edition of Sound Messe ( Big crowd, especially in the afternoon. I can already say that it was a superb edition! Always the same organization regulated to the millimeter. A real pleasure to cover such an event. Reports: Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3 Interviews of

Sound Messe 2023: 11 interviews, 7 guitars tested in video, 2h report

Saturday May 13th, was the opening day for the public for the Sound Messe ( There was a very large number of visitors from the opening until 18:00. Big ambiance, loud guitars in the 3 halls, it was a very intense day! The result is 11 interviews, 7 guitars tested in video, 2h report! Reports:

Sound Messe 2023 Day 1: Setup & Buyer's Day at the Osaka guitar show in Japan

The Sound Messe ( is a guitar show held in Osaka, Japan every year, apart from the worries due to the pandemic. 2023 is the 10th anniversary of this show which is the only show of this size dedicated to guitar in Japan. After a first trip to the Land of the Rising Sun in

MIGS 2023 - Day 3 report : 1h video, 3 interviews and 6 guitars tested

The weather was a bit less beautiful but the final day was a great one for this Sunday, May 7, 2023 at the Montreux International Guitar Show (! On the show, more than 2 hours of video report, 3 interviews and 6 guitars of luthiers demoed on The Guitar Channel booth. Interviews of the day

MIGS 2023 - Day 2 report and interviews

Splendid second day for this Saturday, May 6, 2023 at the Montreux International Guitar Show (! On the menu, more than 1 hour of video report, 3 interviews and 5 guitars of luthiers tried on the booth of The Guitar Channel. In short, an awesome day! Interviews of the day Guitars demoed Here is the

MIGS 2023 - Day 1 report and interviews

The Montreux International Guitar Show ( 2023 edition opened its doors on this beautiful Friday, May 5, 2023 on the shores of the always splendid Lake Geneva. Just like last year, The Guitar Channel was on site to bring you the guitar event via a 45min video report and 3 interviews. Big news for this

Dominic Miller ( is a musician who has been playing with Sting for 33 years! So you've probably heard him without knowing it. He co-wrote Shape of My Heart with Sting, one of his mega hits. The Argentinean-born guitarist is releasing a superb new solo album in 2023 called Vagabond. Dominic Miller interview Interview available

Andy Powers, interview with Taylor Guitars CEO and master builder at NAMM 2023

It's now an established tradition for me to interview Andy Powers every year when I'm at NAMM. The CEO and master builder of Taylor Guitars ( is always a good interviewee. Here's the news from the San Diego-based brand at NAMM 2023. NAMM Video Archives Andy Powers interview Audio version available on The Guitar Channel

Bruno Bacci, interview of Bacci Guitars luthier at NAMM 2023

Bruno Bacci is an Italian luthier who makes instruments that have seduced Mark Lettieri, Cory Wong, Matteo Mancuso and many others under his brand Bacci Guitars ( He was an exhibitor at NAMM 2023, here's an interview with the craftsman to find out what was new at the show. Note that there was always a

NAMM 2023 Day 3 report and interviews
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NAMM 2023 Day 3 report and interviews

Here is the report and the interviews for the final day of the NAMM 2023. Yes it is yet another transition NAMM Show before it moves back to its January slot in 2024 and yes it was another wonderful edition, like in 2022. Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3 NAMM 2023 Day 3