Dominic Miller ( has been accompanying Sting for 33 years! He also produces solo albums regularly. Vagabond is the title of his latest album which is superb. Here is an interview with this incredible musician. Interview available for 4,99€ on VOD or via The Guitar Channel all-you-can-watch subscription Dominic Miller interview Dominic Miller guitar in

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Switzerland, Japan, Italy: a world tour of guitar shows in May!

Just back from NAMM with 5 hours of videos, 40 interviews and reports in emblematic guitar places, The Guitar Channel is back on the road with a mini world tour of guitar shows in May. Montreux International Guitar Show in Switzerland The MIGS will hold its 2nd edition from May 5th to 7th on the

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The NAMM Show 2023 as if you were there! - Series of 3 episodes, 5h available on VOD

Want to experience the NAMM Showas if you were there? Here is a series of 3h videoto see and know everything! Series available for 9,90€ in VOD or via The Guitar Channel all-you-can-watch subscription NAMM 2023 Full Reports & Interviews from La Chaine Guitare on Vimeo. Summary of the series # Title Duration 1. NAMM

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Songwriting in 50 hours of lessons? Henning Pauly and Rafel Cano in interview to decide!

I've known Henning Pauly for years since I've seen him at almost every show except the NAMM where he decided not to go anymore. You probably also know him because his videos on YouTube are a must. Well, this time Henning decided to share his knowledge of songwriting by putting together a 50+ hour course

Tausch Guitars & Wang Amps - NAMM 2023 session

For the first time I brought with me to a show what I needed to make a good sounding electric guitar recording. The equipment consisted of a Sennheiser e906 microphone, an XLR cable and a Zoom F6 recorder. The video below was recorded in 20min, including setup, on Friday morning, day 2 of NAMM, before

Mythos Pedals Zach Broyles interview at NAMM 2023

The NAMM Show wasn't even officially open when I was already doing my first interview in the aisles with Zach Broyles from Mythos Pedals ( Discovered in the excellent podcast Dipped in Tone that he hosts with Rhett Shull, I literally jumped on him when I ran into him on Thursday morning. Zach Broyles interview

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NAMM 2023: trip to the great American show in full transformation

After a June edition last year, the NAMM is still not back to the Winter NAMM in January but will be held from April 13th to 15th, 2023 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Los Angeles. As since 2015, The Guitar Channel will be on site for the 8th time for the entire duration of

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Blind Guitars: world record of instruments assembled by the subscribers of The Guitar Channel

The mission of The Guitar Channel is not only to produce top quality exclusive guitar content (there, I said it!) but also to create exchanges between guitar enthusiasts. This is done by participating in guitar shows, like next week's 2023 Paris Guitar Festival in Montrouge, during weekly broadcasts on the Internet for Direct Backstage subscribers

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Come and meet The Guitar Channel at the Paris Guitar Festival of Montrouge 2023

As for all the previous years, The Guitar Channel will have a booth in the middle of the guitar show of the Paris Guitar Festival (, formerly called Guitares au Beffroi, in Montrouge from March 17 to 19, 2023 for this very beautiful music and guitar event at the gates of Paris. The Belfry of

Working a Wes Montgomery lick thanks to TikTok: it's possible!

I humbly admit that I go on TikTok to change my mind and...lose some time. But the truth is you can even find interesting things there sometimes! Yes, yes, I assure you. I also regularly post guitar stuff, here is my account: This morning I came across the following gem from the musician Richard

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MIDI pedalboards: how to choose the right one
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MIDI pedalboard: how to choose the right one

In collaboration with Blue Cat Audio ( we recorded this video to help you choose the right MIDI pedalboard for your guitar rig. From 60€ to 2 000€, the range is pretty wide so hopefully this video will help you. MIDI pedalboards shootout Pedalboard reviewed in the video (in the order in which they appear):

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Jean-Philippe, one of the premium subscribers of the show ordered this B-30 from the French luthier Virgile Pilon of Blind Guitars ( a gorgeous OM-style instrument with Brazilian Rosewood for the back and sides. He was so kind that he had the guitar delivered to me when it was finished instead of straight to him.

DSM & Humboldt, Jano interview at NAMM 2022
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DSM & Humboldt, Jano interview at NAMM 2022

I met Jano at the DSM & Humboldt booth at the NAMM 2022. DSM & Humboldt ( is a Chilean company which builds amazing pedals like the Zero Watt Simplifier preamp. Here is the interview recorded back in June 2022. Jano interview about DSM & Humboldt NAMM Interviews & Reports Until the next interview, keep

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Blackstar Amped 2 Dept. 10, all-in-one pedalboard with built-in 100W amp review

The British brand Blackstar ( hits hard with this second version of their Amped pedalboard! Indeed, this Amped 2 Dept. 10 offers everything you need to play in a band. All you have to do is plug it into a standard guitar cabinet, a mixing console, a computer (or all three) and you're ready to

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Farewell to Jeff Beck - Interview with Jennifer Batten who played with him on stage and in the studio

It's impossible to miss the sudden death of Jeff Beck, a phenomenal musician with a career path as brilliant as it was messy. Jeff Beck died on January 10th, 2023 at the age of 78, the British guitar legend is no more. Farewell to Jeff Beck I really discovered him in 1988 during a trip

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How to choose headphones to play the guitar and work on your DAW

In this video recorded in collaboration with Guillaume Jeulin from Blue Cat Audio (, we are going through the different kind of headphones available. In fact it is sometimes difficult to understand the differences between all the models available on the market. As Guillaume has many headphones in his lab, we thought it would be

Listen to what the guitar builders Teuffel, Ruokangas, Spalt, Sergio and Tausch have to say!

In January 2021, we were still in lockdown mode all over the world so there was no Winter NAMM that year. So I decided to do a live interview with several of the best and most original luthiers in Europe: Here is what they said spontaneously at the end of the interview. I was touched

Chapman Guitars, Rabea Massaad's departure, Philip McNight's analysis, my two cents

Those who follow closely the guitar industry news may have seen the news that the well known musician and youtuber Rabea Massaad (chaîne YouTube) was leaving Chapman Guitars ( with whom he was with for 10 years. Rabea Massaad announcement The video lasts just over 11 minutes but the announcement itself only takes up the

In June 2020 I proposed you an interview with the director Jörg Steineck because he was launching a crowdfunding campaign for a documentary about the great jazz musician John Scofield. A little more than two years later the documentary film Inside Scofield is released! Here is the review. Inside Scofield teaser John Scofield interview at

The catalog of exclusive videos of The Guitar Channel is very rich, we have over 2000 videos with interviews, reports, gear reviews, etc.. In order to promote this content in an active way, there is now a free video available every day on the homepage of This allows everyone to view a newly released

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John Monteleone ( is an American luthier well known for his acoustic guitars and especially his archtop instruments. In the tradition of D'Angelico and D'Aquisto, he perpetuates a certain idea of American lutherie. Played by the greatest, from Mark Knopfler to Eric Clapton through Julian Lage, David Grisman and many others, his guitars are very

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2022 Puteaux guitar show: results of satisfaction survey, 68% of sales or orders !

As for the editions of the previous years of the Puteaux Guitar Festival, The Guitar Channel realized a satisfaction survey with the exhibitors of the luthiers show that I was organizing for the fourth time. To my knowledge, the Puteaux guitar show is the only one to conduct a satisfaction survey at each edition and

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Costalab Pedals demo - EchoLab, ChorusLab & Custom Muff

While waiting for a complete gear review of these excellent Italian pedals, here is a first discovery of these products from Costalab ( You can discover the two speed echo, the EchoLab, the ultra deep chorus, the ChorusLab and finally a revised version of the Big Muff with the Custom Muff. Costalab pedal review Until

MIDI tutorial: how to control the Kernom Ridge overdrive pedal via MIDI with Blue Cat Audio Remote Control

In the video below recorded in collaboration with Blue Cat Audio (, I show you how you can use their Remote Control software to change parameters on the MIDI capable overdrive pedal Kernom Ridge ( For us mere guitar players, there is something magic in being able to remote control a pedal on our pedalboard.

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Légende guitar by Jeanmichel Capt from Switzerland, a unique approach of the wood

Here is a short demo of a Légende model of a guitar built by the Swiss luthier Jeanmichel Capt ( Met for the first time at the Montreux International Guitar Show, Jeanmichel was an exhibitor at the Puteaux guitar show organized by yours truly. After the show, I took this beautiful instrument with me as

Girault Guitars model California Master, no talking review

It is difficult to remain insensitive to the shape of the California made by Tony Girault (, luthier in Evreux, in the beautiful region of Normandy in France. This is the new version of this model with slightly redesigned curves. In case you are wondering the name of the luthier is pronounced G-raw. Loaded with

The 4th edition of the Festival Guitare de Puteaux took place from October 7th until the 9th 2022. Since its creation in 2017, the guitar show part of the festival is organized by The Guitar Channel. Here is below a 4min video blog to have a good idea of what went down during this awesome

Here is a short demo of a Duesenberg ( Senior model in collaboration with the French importer of the German brand Fred's Guitar Parts ( Thus, as part of the showroom service, I am delighted to present this beautiful German guitar which has more than one trick up its sleeve despite its apparent simplicity. Duesenberg

Cherry's Guitars, demo of a Les Paul type guitar built by the French luthier Thierry Ceresa

The Les Paul number VIII guitar from French luthier Thierry Ceresa under his brand Cherry's ( is an exceptional guitar! The demo below is a compilation of the playing sequences from the Direct Backstage live show on September 2, 2022 on La Chaîne Guitare. The guitar is plugged into the Universal Audio Dream 65 preamp

Launch of the The Guitar Channel radio for premium subscribers

For paying subscribers of The Guitar Channel, it is now possible to access the audio versions of the last 20 videos published. It's a feature that I was regularly asked for but that I didn't know how to implement easily yet. It's now done via this page: better than radio as you get to

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