Ivano Icardi interview: a new album So Far Away
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Ivano Icardi interview: a new album So Far Away

Here's Ivano Icardi Guitare in Hand interview in video this time. Last time we spoke with the italian musician, it was in 2013 to talk about Walking With Giants.

Ivano Icardi interview: all the passion of Italy on a Stratocaster

I interviewed Ivano Icardi in this episode to talk about "Walking With The Giants", here he comes again with a new video clip for his song "To you", a few videos to learn some of his tricks and his full album in backing tracks.

How to play like Ivano
In this series of video, Ivano shows how to play key parts of his album at regular speed and then at slow speed.

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As a complement for Ivano Icardi interview in this episode, here is a bonus package with two full backing tracks with chord charts and transcriptions in PDF :

Funky Mama
The Snatch (in video below)

Link to the 79 Mb zip file

List of files in the 73 MB zip file:

1 - Funky Mama - Backing Track.wav
2 -The Snatch - Backing Track.wav
Funky Mama - Chord Chart.pdf
Funky Mama - Lick.pdf
Funky Mama - Main Riff.pdf
The Snatch - Chord Chart.pdf
The Snatch - Main Theme.pdf
The Snatch - Solo.pdf


Here's Ivano Icardi interview in audio. Ivano, it's all the passion of Italy on a Stratocaster!