Honk Machine IT-11 Audio: a vocal overdrive pedal

The Honk Machine overdrive pedal from IT-11 Audio is a very vocal overdrive pedal with its specific Honk setting which allows to increase or decrease a 700Hz frequency bump right in the middle of the human voice.

IT-11 Audio

Honk Machine IT-11 Audio: a very vocal overdrive pedal

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What I enjoyed the most on this pedal

  • The overall sounds
  • The possibilities given by the Honk setting
  • The look

What I enjoyed the least

  • The changing colours of the LED is kind of distracting


Frankly the market overflows a little beyond a bit with overdrive pedal from around the world. So it is refreshing to find a manufacturer that offers an original angle with one of his pedals. This is the case of this pedal Honk Honk Machine and its Honk setting which with its midpoint can boost or cut a bump in the 700Hz giving access to a very palette of sound.

For Rock / Blues / Country type of sounds, this pedal is great. With the settings Tone and Honk at zero for example, we get a sound which is awesome with a little slapback echo to play Country for hours. Turning the Honk control completely on the other side you jump to a Rock sound.

In short, this pedal is a great success.

Until the next gear review, keep on playing the guitar!

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