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Eric Steckel interview at the MIGS 2023

Eric Stekel ( was one of the headliners at MIGS 2023. A perfect opportunity to finally interview this energetic American guitarist, who delivered an incandescent concert on the shores of Lake Geneva during the festival. Eric Steckel interview Audio version available on The Guitar Channel Radio for premium subscribers Until the next interview or gear

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Greg Howe guitar in hand interview from Shrapnel to Michael Jackson and more

The American guitar player Greg Howe has played with huge pop stars from Michael Jackson to Justin Timberlake, Enrique Iglesias and more. His career as a solo artist or within a band has also been very rich. Here is a guitar in hand interview from his home in Oklahoma. The two other interviews with Greg

Mike Campbell is the American guitarist who accompanied Tom Petty for decades. He has just released an excellent album called Wreckless Abandon with his band The Dirty Knobs ( The second guitarist of the band, Jason Sinay, was also interviewed. At 70 years old Mike Campbell still has the drive to release an incandescent Rock

Jason Sinay ( is a Los Angeles studio musician who is playing and singing in Mike Campbell band The Dirty Knobs. They have just released their debut album Wreckless Abandon which is full of cool songs and great dual guitar tones. Jason Sinay interview The Guitar Channel podcast The audio version of the video is

Doug Aldrich interview about the album from The Dead Daisies with Glenn Hughes

The Dead Daisies ( will release Holy Ground their 2021 album with Glenn Hughes as a lead singer and bass player. Here is a Skype video interview with Doug Aldrich to talk about the whole process of composing and recording the album. We also touched base on his participation to the United Guitars Vol.2 project.

Soho Riot - Sessions at Studio Luna Rossa
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Soho Riot – Sessions at Studio Luna Rossa

On February 13th, 2020 The Guitar Channel joined the band Soho Riot ( at Studio Luna Rossa in Paris, France where they were rehearsing, doing an interviewing yours truly and recording sessions. The songs below are compositions by the band which is releasing their EP in March. Soho Rio is composed of Edouard Dornier on

Marcus King Band soundcheck in Paris, March 1st 2020 at L'Alhambra

On March 1st 2020, the Marcus King Band played in Paris, France in the Alhambra concert hall. The Guitar Channel was onsite to record an interview with Marcus and to capture the band during the soundcheck with Marcus blessing. Marcus King Band soundcheck Marcus King amps Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar!

Marcus King ( is not even 25 years old and already asserts himself as an incredible talented singer guitarist. In collaboration with Radio Perfecto Rock (, here is a guitar in hand interview carried out in his dressing room at the L'Alhambra concert hall just before his Parisian concert on March 1, 2020. As a

Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown interview - 1931 National guitar in hand

Tyler Bryant is the singer guitarist of the band The Shakedown who rocks the stages with a very effective and powerful Rock Blues. They have recently been opening for AC/DC and Guns'N Roses. Tyler was visiting Paris to promote their new album Truth and Lies. It was an opportunity to do an interview guitar in

Gary Lucas interview guitar-in-hand - Wrote Grace with Jeff Buckley, played with Captain Beefheart

Thanks to the connection of the bassist Laurent David (whom I warmly thank you for this), The Guitar Channel offers a Guitar in Hand interview with the guitarist Gary Lucas. Not only Gary Lucas was one of the discoverers of Jeff Buckley with whom he co-wrote Grace and Mojo Pin, but he also worked with

Jim Carthage interview - Guitar in Hand
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Jim Carthage interview – Guitar in Hand

Guitarist and singer Jim Carthage ( came to The Guitar Channel showroom to answer a Guitar in Hand interview. The opportunity of this meeting is the release of his excellent EP Ebb & Flow I highly recommend listening. Jim Carthage interview Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre Journel.

JD Simo guitar in hand interview - Rise & Shine

Here's a guitar in hand interview done at the Gibson France headquarters with the one and only JD Simo who was in Paris to promote his latest album Rise & Shine. As a bonus for this interview, JD played a gorgeous 2min30s improvised solo alone on the guitar: a rare and precious moment! JD Simo

Andy Timmons interview: Theme From A Perfect World, his new album

During the 2017 NAMM there was no time to record an interview with the one and only Andy Timmons even though we met during the great X-Jamm concert so a couple of weeks later we organized this Skype interview to catch up.

JD Simo interview - The 1962 ES-335 is back!
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JD Simo interview with his beloved 1962 ES-335

JD Simo was in Paris for a concert at the New Morning, a great opportunity to do an interview with this gifted guitarist with incredible energy on stage. During the last interview with him he had a splendid Les Paul vintage around his neck, this time it is armed with his 1962 ES 335 that he answered my questions.

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Dire Straits tribute band guitar player Oscar Rosende

Oscar Rosende is the lead guitar player and singer of the Dire Straits tribute band, Brothers in Band. I met him through his guitar tech Francisco Rodriguez who is also a luthier. Brothers in Band were in Paris to play La Cigale, a big concert hall. The way the band has mastered the Dire Straits repertoire is truly amazing.

Colin James was part of the 2015 Montreal Jazz Festival to play several nights. We did this interview Guitar in Hand right on the stage of the Théatre du Nouveau Monde ( right before the concert. It's always a lot of fun and much more interesting to do the interview Guitar in Hand. The concerts given by Colin James during the festival were excellent, the sound quality was really good and the band behind him was excellent.

Scott Holiday interview: the Fuzz lord from Rival Sons

Here's Scott Holiday interview. I confess I only recently discovered Rival Sons and their guitar player. In fact the luthier Mikaël Springer listened to their music full blast while building my guitar for the Spartan Project so I had to eventually check-them out! Thanks to another luthier, Doug Kauer who builds most of Scott's guitars, I was able to get in touch with him to organize this interview in Luxemburg City.

Greg Howe interview at the 2015 Musikmesse

I already did a cool and long interview with Greg Howe but for the first time I had the pleasure to do it in video during the 2015 Musikmesse.
Subjects discussed in the interview

His comparison between the Musikmesse and the NAMM
The new amp developed with DV Mark
His new guitar with Carvin
The lastest update on the next Maragold album
His current projects


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Steve Hackett interview (@HackettOfficial) about Wolflight
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Steve Hackett interview about the Wolflight album

For the release of the his previous solo album Beyond The Shrouded Horizon in 2011 I did an audio interview with Steve Hacket. Here's a new one for his latest work with the album called Wolflight. This album is full of the epic music Steve is so good at composing.

Extracts of the album before the Steve Hackett interview

Loving Sea
Black Thunder
Heart Song

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While I was at the NAMM show I almost did a video interview with Adrian Belew. It did not happen because of a delayed plane so we did it via phone a couple of weeks later. I hope you will enjoy this interview with this eternal brilliant experimentator.

Adrian played with so many people and bands that it's impossible to list them all.

Jon Herington interview at the Olympia Hall in Paris, France

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I had the pleasure to do an audio interview with Jon Herington in 2011 for the release of his awesome solo album Shine, (Shine, Shine).

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Riccardo Gioggi, an italian shredder from Italy

Riccardo Gioggi contacted me in February 2013, and each time the shuffle mode on my iPhone offered me a song from his album Theory of Dynamics, I took my phone from my pocket to check-out who it was: a very good sign! I had to do an interview with this great musician from Rome, Italy.

Here's the interview with Mark Tremonti at the 2014 Hellfest right before he went onstage with Alter Bridge.

Here's the 20min interview with John Petrucci done in Paris right before the Dream Theater concert at the Olympia on July 7th 2014.
Subjects discussed in the interview

His first guitar, his training, his influences
The recording of the last Dream Theater album
How it was composed and recorded
The details of the gear used on the record
His approach to a concert with G3 compared to with Dream Theater
His word of wisdom to progress


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Do I need to write an introduction for Warren Haynes? He was in Paris for a concert with Govt Mule so I jumped on the opportunity to interview him guitar in hand to talk about Shout!, the latest Mule release, about his career so far, about his approach to guitar and many more.

Extracts from Shout!

In July 2014 Premier Guitar released a cool Rig Rundown of Larry Carlton gear shot in his studio. The video is cool despite the fact that we don't get to hear Larry play except at the very beginning. Anyway, it's in this video (see below) that I first heard about the Zenkudo overdive pedal from

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Greg Howe interview: a great guitar player with Maragold

Here's Greg Howe interview. Greg is no newbie, he has been around for a while in the guitar world. I was thrilled to see him involved in a vocal project with the band Maragold with the lead singer Meghan Krauss. Their debut album is super cool. I highly recommend it.

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Pete Thorn interview: the best guitar nerd

Hey Pete Thorn titled his solo album Guitar Nerd so I guess it gives me the right call him that right? If you are a gear addicts (as we all are at one level) you must have viewed one of the numerous videos Pete has on his YouTube channel.

Bernie Marsden is one of those guitarists found in the lineup of bands from UFO to Whitesnake not to mention countless collaborations.

Nils Lofgren has released a retrospective of his music in the form of a box set of 9 discs! Given his career, especially playing with the Boss, Bruce Springsteen, in recent years, an interview was required.

I admit to not being an expert of his music, so I dove with curiosity in this huge mass of music that reveals very different facets of the musician.