Bryan Beller interview (The Aristocrats): one of the best bass player of the moment

After Guthrie Govan in last episode, it is now the turn of Bryan Beller, also a member of the Aristocrats to answer my questions. I had already had the opportunity to interview Bryan in this episode, this time we talked about "Culture Clash" The Aristocrats 2nd studio album, his role as bassist scene behind Joe Satriani and many other things.

Extracts from "Culture Clash" played before the interview:

Cocktail Umbrellas
And Finally

As the last time we spoke via Skype, it was a lot of fun to interview Bryan who is very open about how he approaches music.

I already had the great pleasure of interviewing Guthrie Govan in this episode, I even met him during the soundcheck before their concert in Paris last year. This time we talked about the second album of this infernal trio which is The Aristocrats.

It was of course also the opportunity to talk about the evolution of the group since its inception almost by chance during a NAMM show, his conception of music and many other things.

Warning this album is intense! It is not to for everybody.

Steve Hackett interview (@HackettOfficial): a living legend with a magic touch
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Steve Hackett : magic touch guitar player

Here's an audio Steve Hackett interview. Steve is a true superstar of the guitar, whether because of his work with in Genesis or through various solo projects or group, he has a touch of his own. Whether you're a fan of progressive rock or not, the music of Steve can not leave you indifferent.

Kiko Loureiro interview (@KikoLoureiro): a melodic brazilian shredder

The metal guitarists are plenty, let's face it, but those who have a wide range of expression are not that many. Kiko Loureiro is one of those, that's why I wanted to interview him for his solo album "Sounds of Innocence". It has plenty of musicality and strong melodies all over the record and, of course,  with a breathtaking technique.

Well known to play in the progressive metal band Angra, Kiko delivers with a great solo album of instrumental music.

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Rodney Branigan interview (@RodneyBranigan)

My first contact with Rodney Branigan was through this amazing YouTube video of the song "Body Language" (see below) where he can be seen playing simultaneously a guitar and a mandolin while singing!

Here's a special episode for you with an international conversation among guitar bloggers and podcasters from Australia, the US and France !

Mike Keneally interview - Podcast edition
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Mike Keneally interview – Podcast edition

If you're a fan of the electric guitar, you must have seen on stage without knowing it at one time or another the guest of this episode, Mike Keneally.

In fact, Mike has played behind Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Frank Zappa and many others.

During the interview we talked among other things about his excellent solo album Wing Beat Fantastic which I offer some excerpts before the interview as usual.

Extracts from Wing Beat Fantastic:

+ Wing Beat Fantastic
+ You Kill Me
+ Inglow
+ Bobeau

Until the next time, keep on playing the guitar !


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Here's a legendary bass player in that episode #185 with Glenn Hughes (aka @glenn_hughes on Twitter) who is currently playing with Black Country Communion with Joe Bonnamassa.

He is not only a great bass player but also a very unique singer with a voice you recognize at the first word of a lyric.

Extracts from "Afterglow" played before the interview :

+ Cry Freedom
+ Afterglow
+ Common Man
+ Crawl


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Jonathan Bloomer interview from Guitar Noize

As I say often, there will never be too many blogs and podcasts about guitar, that's why I am very happy to present you with an interview of Jonathan Bloomer who manages the excellent Guitarnoize I am a big fan of.

Yes, we both talk about guitars. No, we are not competitors.

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John Norum interview, lead guitar player for Europe

We all have in mind the slightly annoying synth riff of "The Final Countdown" when it comes to Europe.

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Mika Tyyskä (@MrFastfinger) interview

It seems that the countries from northern Europe have something special to have so many incredible guitar players, Mika Tyyskä from Finland and also known as Mr Fastfinger is one of them.

"In Motion" is a great music album full of superb guitar playing. Yes you will hear some heavy shredding in there but this is NOT your typical shredder's album, it's way more than that.

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Beth Hart interview

For the first time ever in the show I present you with an interview of an american musician whose main instrument is NOT the guitar but her great voice.

Beth Hart has played with so many guitar players (from Jeff Beck to Joe Bonnamassa) I thought it was interesting to interview her.

Her last album Bang Bang Boom Boom is full of great songs and cool guitar tones by Randy Flowers.

I can also highly recommend the album she has recorded with Joe Bonnamassa "Don't

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Donal Gallagher interview (Rory’s brother)

It's a very special interview I propose you in this show because you might not know that but I am a big fan of Rory Gallagher who died in 1995 so I jumped on the occasion to interview Rory's brother, Donal, who followed him a lot on the road and who his taking care of Rory's legacy now.

In this interview Donal tells the whole story about how Rory almost joined the Rolling Stones after Mick Taylor quit in 1974.

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Marty Friedman interview (@marty_friedman)

Marty Friedman is one of those guitar super stars who seems to be going from one project to another non-stop.

I had the pleasure to catch him on Skype for the interview you will hear in this episode.

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Simon McBride interview (@smcbridemusic)

I was very happy to interview Simon McBride (aka @smcbridemusic) via Skype as his music kept on showing up when I did some listening in shuffle mode to go through all the music I receive.

And each time it happened I said to myself  "I really MUST have this guy in the show!".

That's the method I use: I hit play and if the music I hear interests me I take a note.

Clare Free
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Clare Free interview (@ClareFree1)

I am very happy to present you with the second interview on the Channel of a women guitar player with Clare Free (aka @ClareFree1).

As a reminder the first women interviewed was Heike Matthiesen whom I interviewed in french in episode #103 at last year MusikMesse.

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Lee Ritenour
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Lee Ritenour interview

Another guitar super star on this episode with none other than Lee Ritenour. I had the opportunity to call him on his cell during a 15 minute break he was taking during a recording session of his next album.

The Six String Theory website:
Extracts played before the Lee Ritenour interview
In the episode you will get to hear three extracts from the "Six String Theory" album published in 2010:

Lay It Down (feat. Lee Ritenour & John Scofield)
68 (feat. Neal Schon, Slash & Steve Lukather)
Why I Sing the Blues (feat. Keb' Mo', B.B.

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@EricBibb interview: Deeper In The Well

It's a great pleasure for me to present you with a second interview with the great blues man Eric Bibb (aka @ericbibb). The first one is in episode #68.

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Last week I published the Bryan Beller interview in this episode, this week none other than Guthrie Govan himself.

As you can guess I was thrilled to speak to Guthrie who is one of the srongest rising star of guitar playing.

The Aristocrats is what you can call a super group with Guthrie Govan on the guitar, Bryan Beller on bass on Marco Minnemann on drums. I had the great opportunity to talk to 2 out of the 3 members of the band.

Here is part 1 of 2 with the interview of Bryan Beller who also played with none other than Steve Vai among many others.

I tremendously enjoyed the Aristocrats debut album.

Tony Macalpine interview: an ever evolving shredder
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Tony Macalpine interview: an ever evolving shredder

I am happy to present you with an interview of Tony Macalpine, one of the not-so-numerous survivor of the 80s shredder era.

Philip Sayce - Steamroller
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Philip Sayce interview – Steamroller time!

Philip Sayce (aka @philipsayce on Twitter) is a very prolific and talented singer and guitar player, here he is with another very powerful album called Steamroller (Release date: February 27th 2012).

To speak about it we did a Skype interview just last week so, hot from the press if I can say, here is the second interview of Philip on The Guitar Channel (the first one is in this episode).

Steamroller extracts played before the interview

Black Train



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Bjorn Berge - Blackwood
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Bjorn Berge interview

For the second time I had the pleasure to meet and interview Bjorn Berge the great norwegian guitar player. The first time was last year in this episode. The guy can be pretty intimidating but he is very cool and extremely nice.

I was at his New Morning show the night before we did the interview, he gave a superb show. The place was packed and the crowd very responsive to Bjorn.

Eric McFadden
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Eric Mcfadden interview

I met Eric McFadden when he was in Paris for a couple of shows as well as promoting his latest album "Bluebird On Fire".

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Popa Chubby interview (@Popachubb)

For the 2nd time (see this episode for the 1st interview), I had the pleasure to interview Popa Chubby as he was in paris to promote his latest album Back To New York City. After the interview we did a video recording of the song Pound Of Flesh you will see in next week episode.

Meeting and interviewing Popa is always some kind of adventure, this time we were supposed to to the interview in a radio studio but during the show he broke two strings so we had to go back to the hotel to get some new strings.

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Do you have any idea how it feels to get to interview such a guitar legend a Mr Leslie West??

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Hedras Ramos interview (@hedrasramoslive)
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Hedras Ramos interview

Hedras Ramos interview - For the first time ever, a guitar player from Central America on show, please meet Hedras Ramos from Guatemala! This musician is only 19 but is showing a musical maturity way beyond his age. His latest album (no, it is not his first CD, it's the third one!) "Atoms And Space" is a great CD I took a lot of pleasure to discover.

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For this episode I am very happy to have Jon Herington with me on the show.

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Paul Gilbert interview (@PaulGilbertRock)

For the second time I had the great pleasure to interview the very tall Paul Gilbert while he was in Paris finishing his 40 date solo tour to promote his own album "Fuzz Universe".

Last time I met the guy was last year when he was touring with MrBig, the interview is on episode #26.

During the interview I asked questions on "Fuzz Universe" but also on "What If..." the next MrBig record which will be released in Europe early 2011.

Great shot of Paul by Nidhal Marzouk ( during the Trabendo show in Paris on December 19th:

Extracts heard by

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Popa Chubby interview (@Popachubb)

Popa Chubby is a New-York born guitar player which is pretty famous in France, I had the pleasure to interview him just before he played the Cabaret Sauvage in Paris.

As usual, before the intervie you will hear some extracts from his latest album "The Fight Is On":

The Fight Is On
We Got Some Rocking To Do
The Right Time
Steelhorse Serenade

Happy listening,


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