During the NAMM I was intrigued by theDV Mark Micro 50 amp. It's super small and quite powerful with 50W. DV Mark is a brand more established in the bass amp market but big players like Greg Howe or Frank Gambale are using their guitar amps so it says something about what they propose.

Frank Gambale interview at the 2015 @Musikmesse
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Frank Gambale interview at the 2015 Musikmesse

In 2014 at the Musikmesse I only had the opportunity to do a selfie with Frank, this year through the good people at DV Mark I was able to do a 30min full Frank Gambale interview with him that you can see below.
Frank Gambale interview

Subjects discussed in the Frank Gambale interview

His first guitar
The main turning points in his career
The invention of the sweeping
What remains to be said about this technique
How his gear has evolved throughout the years
The relationship with the Carvin team for his guitar
His next projects
His new online teaching website