Amp Review – DV Mark Micro 50: good sounding solid state head

During the NAMM I was intrigued by the DV Mark Micro 50 amp. It's super small and quite powerful with 50W. DV Mark is a brand more established in the bass amp market but big players like Greg Howe or Frank Gambale are using their guitar amps so it says something about what they propose. This model is in the direct line of the DV Mark Jazz or DV Mark Little Jazz with a lot of value in a compact package.

DV Mark website:

Micro 50 DV Mark review

The audio version of the review is available in the podcast feed and below:

Back panel of the DV Mark Micro 50

DV Mark Micro 50 review: a great sounding solid state head - Back panel

Review setup

For the review I used two guitars plugged straight into the Micro 50: my Monster Relic Strat and my PRS McCarty. The amp is connected to the speaker of my Marshall 6101 combo.

DV Mark Micro 50 review: a great sounding solid state head

The sound was recorded with a SM58 in front of the speaker and connected to the Tascam DR-70D digital recorder:

DV Mark Micro 50 review: a great sounding solid state head

What I enjoyed the most

  • The clean and the crunch sounds
  • The headphone jack for the clean channel (the sound is not very usable in the Lead channel)
  • The quality of the construction
  • Very compact and lightweight package

What I enjoyed the least

  • The reverb can be a bit too present

Conclusion about the DV Mark Micro 50

For less than 300 € this amp is a very good price / quality ratio. It is super compact and sounds great. The clean sound is particularly good, it can be an excellent option to amplify your precious pedalboard. The equalization on both channels is very powerful and allows to sculpt the sound without changing its character.

I personally found the reverb quickly a little intrusive but there are some styles of music whee it will work very well so it's more a matter of taste. And you can always adjust it to zero or very low.

The legendary sound of lamps and all the mystique surrounding the legends of tube amps continue to make us dream, however, we must admit that it is not always possible to pay a 50W tube head and in maintain and transport for rehearsals, concerts, etc. Having a compact and economical alternative as proposed by the DV Mark Micro 50 is an excellent option. This model provides a lot of value in a very small package like the DV Mark Jazz or DV Mark Little Jazz.

The Backstage Pass owners in the Paris, France area who wish to test this amp just have to contact me to borrow and test it on their equipment.

Until the next gear review, keep on playing the guitar !

Pierre Journel.

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