The 2020 Boutique Guitar Showcase ( tour curated by Jamie Gale made its French stop at Guitare Village, a guitar store located 30min North from Paris by train. At a time when guitar shows have disappeared from the face of the earth, it was nice to see about thirty instruments from American and European luthiers.

Luthiers Beyond Limits: Alquier, Beauregard, Klein, Matsuda, Pagelli, Tao - NAMM 2018

In the wake of last year's Boutique Guitar Showcase, six luthiers have come together to present their instruments under the Luthiers Beyond Limits banner at NAMM 2018: Jean-Yves Alquier (see this article for the full report) Mario Beauregard Steve Klein Michihiro Matsuda Claudia and Claudio Pagelli Serge and John from Tao Guitars Since the NAMM

Peter Holmsröm interview, guitar player from the Dandy Warhols

The Dandy Warhols were in Paris for a concert, a perfect opportunity to record this video interview with their guitar player Peter Holmström.

The 2015 Holy Grail Guitar Show was held the weekend of October 31 and November 1, 2015 in Berlin. This second edition of the show presented a selection of 115 luthiers from around the world. There was a lot to please the eyes and ears. You only need to watch the 5min video zapping below to be convinced.
2015 Holy Grail Guitar Show video zapping

The list of luthiers interviewed on The Guitar Channel
Here're the luthiers I interviewed during the week-end in Berlin. The full video will be made available to the Backstage Pass owners as soon as they are edited.

Here's an interview of Serge and John, guitar builders from Tao Guitars. They are based in Brussel in Belgium.

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