I heard about Kathryn Marie Dudley book, Guitar Makers - The Endurance of Artisanal Values in North America, from Austrian luthier Michael Spalt. I contacted the editor and received a copy of the book soon after. Kathryn exposes a fascinating story of the North American guitar builders.

Steve Hackett interview (@HackettOfficial) about Wolflight
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Steve Hackett interview about the Wolflight album

For the release of the his previous solo album Beyond The Shrouded Horizon in 2011 I did an audio interview with Steve Hacket. Here's a new one for his latest work with the album called Wolflight. This album is full of the epic music Steve is so good at composing.

Extracts of the album before the Steve Hackett interview

Loving Sea
Black Thunder
Heart Song

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While I was at the NAMM show I almost did a video interview with Adrian Belew. It did not happen because of a delayed plane so we did it via phone a couple of weeks later. I hope you will enjoy this interview with this eternal brilliant experimentator.

Adrian played with so many people and bands that it's impossible to list them all.

Zane Carney interview about the 2015 NAMM show and more

On March 2nd 2015, we did a 35min Skype video call with Zane Carney to get all the latest news. The audio interview is available for free on the podcast feed.

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Interview with Doug Scarratt from Saxon

Back in 2012 I had the opportunity to meet Doug Scarratt while he was in Paris to promote a Saxon best-of album.

Don Alder awesome acoustic guitar player from Canada
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Don Alder awesome acoustic guitar player from Canada

It is thanks to Shai Sebbag that I met with Don Alder who was visiting in Paris for a concert. I did not know at all that musician who has stunning acoustic guitar technique.

Philip Sayce is a guitar player who already had a very rich career in the music business. He's is really making his thing with a lot of passion and a huge talent. For the release of Influence, his latest album, I had the pleasure to do a Skype interview.

Here's an Adam Miller interview. Adam was in Paris for the promo tour of the Premier Builders Guild to demo the Baker guitars and the Tone King amps at Guitars Addicts (one of the best guitar shop we have in Paris, www.guitarsaddicts.com). It was the perfect opportunity to do an audio interview guitar in hand with a musician who is as awesome on acoustic as he is on electric.

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Gilad Hekselman, a rising star among the jazzmen

Following the advice from Bruno Pelletier-Bacquaert I added a couple of jazzmen to my radar in order to have more Jazz guitar players featured on the show. Gilad Hekselman was in Paris in July for one night at the Duc des Lombards, I took this opportunity to interview him before the concert.

Robert Cray interview in Paris
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Robert Cray interview in Paris

Back in May 2014, Robert Cray was in Paris to promote his latest album "In My Soul".

Stéphan Forté is one of those French musician who is more famous in the rest of the world than in his home country.

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Doug Redler interview: guitar tech of the stars

Doug Redler is one of the top guitar tech, he has toured behind countless musicians. From Brian Ferry to K.D. Lang to the Black Crowes. He is currently working with Rich Robinson from the Crowes.

He wrote a great book to share his experience on the road.

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At one point or another we all have fantasized on the Jackson guitars during the 90s. The brands Jackson and Charvel were synonymous for high performance guitars.

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Riccardo Gioggi, an italian shredder from Italy

Riccardo Gioggi contacted me in February 2013, and each time the shuffle mode on my iPhone offered me a song from his album Theory of Dynamics, I took my phone from my pocket to check-out who it was: a very good sign! I had to do an interview with this great musician from Rome, Italy.

Do I need to write an introduction for Warren Haynes? He was in Paris for a concert with Govt Mule so I jumped on the opportunity to interview him guitar in hand to talk about Shout!, the latest Mule release, about his career so far, about his approach to guitar and many more.

Extracts from Shout!

Greg Howe interview: a great guitar player with Maragold

Here's Greg Howe interview. Greg is no newbie, he has been around for a while in the guitar world. I was thrilled to see him involved in a vocal project with the band Maragold with the lead singer Meghan Krauss. Their debut album is super cool. I highly recommend it.

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Pete Thorn interview: the best guitar nerd

Hey Pete Thorn titled his solo album Guitar Nerd so I guess it gives me the right call him that right? If you are a gear addicts (as we all are at one level) you must have viewed one of the numerous videos Pete has on his YouTube channel.

Nils Lofgren has released a retrospective of his music in the form of a box set of 9 discs! Given his career, especially playing with the Boss, Bruce Springsteen, in recent years, an interview was required.

I admit to not being an expert of his music, so I dove with curiosity in this huge mass of music that reveals very different facets of the musician.

Andy McKee interview, one of the hottest fingerpicker (@TheRealMcKee)
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Andy McKee interview, one of the hottest fingerpicker (@TheRealMcKee)

Andy McKee has been on my radar for a while as he is one of the hottest fingerpicker at the moment.

Steve Stevens is one of those guitarists who have many strings to their bow. Indeed, not only is he an outstanding soloist but also a composer who has signed several tubes Billy Idol among other things, not to mention movie soundtracks, his solo projects, etc..

I believe I first heard about Chris Sherland on the Six String Bliss guitar podcast. I read his book, Lead Guitar From The Inside Out and spent quite a lot of time with my iPad to get the most out of it. Here's an interview I did with Chris.

I really enjoyed reading this e-book with my guitar in hands.

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Michael Lee Firkins is not a newbie in the guitar business. Some may recall his first albums in the Mike Varney stable of shredders, Shrapnel Records. Michael provides us with Yep (on the Magna Carta label) an album very far from this era with a powerful guitar music.

It's not complicated the only thing I did not like about the album is the cover. That said, I agree, it is a matter of taste and what matters is the music inside.

Here's the Skype interview I did with Peter Frampton, the legendary guitar player with the triple humbucker Les Paul. I had a blast talking to such a huge musician.

Here's Ivano Icardi interview in audio. Ivano, it's all the passion of Italy on a Stratocaster!

Malina Moye
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Malina Moye interview: K*Yotic groove

Malina Moye sings well, plays lead guitar and is able to be a real performer on stage. An artist who puts a good dose of six strings in Funk, a style of music where our favorite instrument does not play a leading role in general, deserved an interview on The Guitar Channel.

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Yossi Sassi is a guitar player from Israël and when I listened to his album Melting Clocks I found he was able to create a very exciting mix of high powered instrumental guitar with oriental music.

David Wallimann

I found David Wallimann through his awesome YouTube channel so when I heard about his excellent book Guitar Methods Made Easy I contacted him to organize an interview. You will discover in this interview how he wrote his book, how he developed his approach of modes and many other things.

At one point or another in their learning life all the guitar players are exposed to modes without always understanding everything and above all without actually integrating all the wealth that they have in their playing, at least that was my case.

Gus G

Here's some heavy rock with this Gus G interview. This guitar player from Greece not only plays with none other than Ozzy Osbourne but also fronts his own band Firewind.

I  already said several times, there is a lack of women in the guitar community so when the opportunity arises to interview a musician like Ana Popovic class, I jump at the chance.

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Bryan Beller interview (The Aristocrats): one of the best bass player of the moment

After Guthrie Govan in last episode, it is now the turn of Bryan Beller, also a member of the Aristocrats to answer my questions. I had already had the opportunity to interview Bryan in this episode, this time we talked about "Culture Clash" The Aristocrats 2nd studio album, his role as bassist scene behind Joe Satriani and many other things.

Extracts from "Culture Clash" played before the interview:

Cocktail Umbrellas
And Finally

As the last time we spoke via Skype, it was a lot of fun to interview Bryan who is very open about how he approaches music.