Maybach Lester: a great Les Paul alternative

Maybach is a guitar brand launched a few years ago with a line of instruments manufactured in Prague, Czech Republic with German pickups. The Maybach Lester is their version of the venerable Les Paul Gibson.


Maybach website :

Maybach Lester guitar review

Here's the video review of the guitar:

Maybach Lester photo album

Here's some images of the guitar:

Maybach Lester - The Guitar Channel


Maybach Lester - The Guitar Channel

Maybach Lester - The Guitar Channel

Maybach Lester - The Guitar Channel

Maybach Lester - The Guitar Channel

Maybach Lester - The Guitar Channel

Setup used for the review

Pedal board used for the Maybach Lester guitar review

What I enjoyed the most

  • The quality of the lutherie
  • An excellent price / quality ratio
  • Great tuning stability
  • A beautiful flamed maple table
  • The very reasonable weight

What I enjoyed the least

  • A slight finish issue on the side of the fretboard near the pickup selector


Really for € 1,900, the price/quality ratio of this version of the Les Paul by Maybach is excellent. The only real fault we can find in it is that if you don't like the Les Paul you won't fall for this Lester because it includes all the codes of its inspiration! Only the headstock is a little different because based on the design of the Larson Bros. guitars

More than bolt-on neck instruments like Fender, the Gibson Les Paul type guitar requires more skill because of the set neck, the neck angle, the carved top, etc. To find in this Maybach Lester a kind of Les Paul guitar with this quality less than € 2,000 really impressed me.

The Maybach guitars on the booth that the brand presented at the salon Guitares au Beffroi in 2016:

Maybach booth at the 2016 Guitares au Beffroi

In short, if you are looking for a traditional instrument such as Les Paul, ES-335, Strat or Telecaster, look closely at the offer from Maybach. The only problem you may have is that it might be difficult to try one in a store because they never stay there too long!

For 2016/2017, Maybach works on original instruments in collaboration with the luthier Nick Page ( which has some very interesting designs, which promises great things to come.

One other important information to know, the Maybach Capitol (type ES-335) are made in the workshops of luthier Maurice Dupont, an additional guarantee of quality.

Until the next gear review, keep on playing the guitar!


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