Showcase your products in The Guitar Channel showroom in Paris, France

A comfortable place in Paris accessible by appointment only
for your prospects and for the premium members of The Guitar Channel
to try your products.

  • Excellent test conditions
  • High-end tube amps and boutique pedals
  • Personalized welcome, 1 visitor at a time
  • Easy access by the subway, tramway and the Paris suburban highway

Showroom services

  • Private trial of your products for potential customers by appointment
  • Trial of the gear by the premium members of La Chaîne Guitare / The Guitar Channel
  • Possibility of borrowing by members of The Guitar Channel in Paris (local Gear Tour)
  • Use by professional musicians for interviews
  • The Guitar Channel communication pack: web page, Instagram, weekly live
  • Complete video review of the gear
  • Visibility during The Guitar Channel live shows

Access conditions

  • No commission in case of a sale or an order
  • Transportations cost at the builder expense
  • Validation by the builder of the potential customers visiting the showroom

Customer feedback

  • It's great to be able to test all the boutique gear available.
  • I got so stoked  when I tried the Kelt V-Twin amp that I ordered one!!
  • A unique place to really try guitars and listen to them.
  • Trying a Blind Guitars allowed me to finalize my choice.

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Pierre Journel
+33 (0)6 31 38 86 41


Some of the clients below use the showroom for their products.

Dolmen Effects
De Leeuw Guitars
Ted Guitars
Val Martins
Micoud Guitars
PJD Guitars
Hepcat Pickups