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The Guitar Channel has been active as a podcast since its launch in 2009. In fact everything started as an audio podcast to evolve to its current form of a full audio and video show. It seems that as of 2015 the podcast space has regain a bit of his past glory and I am not going to complain about that as there won't be ever such thing as too many podcasts.

The Guitar Channel PodcastThe Guitar Channel podcast

Top 3 guitar podcast selection

Here is my very personal selection of the guitar podcasts that I prefer. That is to say that I listen to them the second I see a new episode arrived in the feed.

Nom URL Description
Guitar Wank iTunes link By Troy MacCubbin with Scott Henderson & Bruce Forman
Tone Talk iTunes link Hosted by Dave Friedman and Marc Huzansky
No Guitar Is Safe iTunes link By Jude Gold from Guitar Player magazine. Long but worth it.

Guitar podcast directory

Here's a guitar podcast directory in the form of this list of the guitar related podcast I am aware of.

Note: the order of this list is the one I discovered each show, so the podcast at the top of the list is the last one I discovered. If you know a guitar podcast which I missed, please e-mail me at

Last update: February 15th 2021

Name URL Description
Talking Guitar RSS link Podcast produced by The North American Guitar online and physical high end guitar shop.
Guitar Music Theory iTunes link Show of the website hosted by Desi Serna
Guitar Blah Blah iTunes link Show of the website Axes and Blades produced by Matt Blades
The Rig Doctor Podcast iTunes link Podcast by Mason Marangella from Vertex Effects (
Dipped in Tone iTunes link Podcast about gear by Rhett Shull and Zach Broyles
The Guitar Hour iTunes link Weekly, long-form discussion hosted by David Beebee, Tom Quayle, Dan Smith & Jake Willson.
Wong Notes iTunes link Interviews of musicians by the world class guitar player Cory Wong
Juha Ruokangas iTunes link Show by Finnish luthier Juha Ruokangas
Peformer's Pathway iTunes link Podcast from website
Analog Alien iTunes link Podcast of the boutique pedal brand
The Interval iTunes link Show about lutherie by luthiers Tom and Daisy Sands
Maker's Mic iTunes link LR Baggs podcast with interviews
Tone Talk iTunes link Hosted by Dave Friedman and Marc Huzansky
Chris & Rick Talk Guitars iTunes link Two pro musicians talks about our favorite instrument!
Get Offset iTunes link A podcast by Emily Harris, Zachary Ryan Saucier, and Andrew Rinard
Everyone Loves Guitar iTunes link Guitar players and guitar professionals interviews
The Guitar Knobs iTunes link Guitar podcast focusing on boutique guitars, pedals, amps, and gear.
The High Gain iTunes link One guitar model per episode by Ed Peterson and John Kieltyka
Nylon & Acero iTunes link By musician Tanausu Luis. Episodes in English and Spanish.
Guitar Business Radio iTunes link By Jeffrey D. Brown
In The Making Podcast iTunes link By 2 luthiers from Millimetric Instruments and Schorr Guitars
From the Factory iTunes link Official podcast from Taylor Guitars
Riff Raff iTunes link By the pro guitar player Shane Theriot
Guitar Wank iTunes link By Troy MacCubbin with Scott Henderson & Bruce Forman
Kingdom of Rock iTunes link By Matt Gibson, about guitar and entrepreneurship
The Tone Mob iTunes link Dedicated to the never ending pursuit of the ultimate guitar tone
The Luthierist iTunes link By Paul of Rhoney Guitars and Sully from Sully Guitars.
Guitar Nerds iTunes link A guitar podcast from UK
20 Questions JHS iTunes link A cool audio podcast from the people at JHS pedals
Amps & Axes iTunes link A podcast about amps and axes and everything in between
No Treble iTunes link Ok, this one is about bass. But we love bass, right!
The Guitar Podcast iTunes link By Loren Hunt
Chasing Tone Podcast iTunes link With Brian Wampler and co-host. Excellent stuff !
No Guitar Is Safe iTunes link By Jude Gold from Guitar Player magazine. Long but worth it.
60 Cycle Hum iTunes link Two guys talking about guitar and music
Goes To Eleven iTunes link Very well done and documented. Excellent stuff!
Gear Talk iTunes link Hosted by Lance Seymour
Guitar Noize iTunes Link Not very active anymore but excellent stuff when it was
Eddie Trunk iTunes link Not 100% guitar related but most of the times
Six String Bliss iTunes link Unfortunately no longer active. They started it all!
The Guitar Channel iTunes link Audio podcast produced by Pierre Journel
Guitare Obsession iTunes link Audio podcast in French hosted by Julien Bitoun
La Chaîne Guitare iTunes link Audio podcast in French hosted by Pierre Journel

Most of this shows are ranging from good to excellent. So give them a listen and if you listen to some interesting guitar show I should add in here, ping me.

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The Guitar Channel Podcast

Until the next podcast episode, keep on playing the guitar!

Pierre Journel.

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