Ana Popovic interview - Guitar in Hand -

For the 3rd time The Guitar Channel was doing an interview with the singer and guitar player Ana Popovic who proposes with "Like It on Top" a strong album very well produced. A great opportunity to do a Guitar in Hand interview before her concert at the New Morning in Paris. Summary of the full

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Ana Popovic interview about her triple album Trilogy

Here's Ana Popovic interview done in Paris to talk about her triple album called Trilogy. You have to admit that it takes a lot of courage to release a triple album nowadays. Ana proposes three different moods in those three CDs: Blues, Funk and Jazz. It's the second time I meet Ana, last time was in 2013 in audio, this time we did it in video.

I  already said several times, there is a lack of women in the guitar community so when the opportunity arises to interview a musician like Ana Popovic class, I jump at the chance.

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