Vlog - 2019 Sound Messe Osaka - Day 2 - The real start of the show

Saturday, May 11, 2019 was the real beginning of the Sound Messe Osaka show with the opening to the public. All exhibitors are present this time, including the independent luthiers. Here is the seconde episode of the Video Blogging series for this day. Interviews of the day Ho Zen - Maestro Guitars Yukihiro Sakamoto -

Vlog - 2019 Sound Messe Osaka 2019 - Day 1 live report

Here is the live report in Video Blogging mode of the first day of the guitar show of Sound Messe Osaka in Japan. This is actually the final day of installation of the event with the afternoon specifically reserved for buyers. Summary of the full article Full video of the report Micro-interviews Album photo of

Eric Bibb interview -

The bluesman Eric Bibb was in Paris to present his latest album, a double CD entitled Global Griot. These 24 songs present a great mix between Blues and African music with as always Eric Bibb's great compositions. The Guitar Channel is very happy to present you this new Guitar-in-Hand interview with the American musician. Summary

Jim Carthage interview - Guitar in Hand
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Jim Carthage interview – Guitar in Hand

Guitarist and singer Jim Carthage (www.jimcarthage.com) came to The Guitar Channel showroom to answer a Guitar in Hand interview. The opportunity of this meeting is the release of his excellent EP Ebb & Flow I highly recommend listening. Jim Carthage interview Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre Journel. [cta_video]

Guitar Summit 2018 - Video blogging - Day 1
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Vlog Guitar Summit 2018 – Day 1

As if you were onsite, here is a new episode of The Guitar Channel Video Blogging in reportage in Germany for the 2nd edition of Guitar Summit. This guitar event is held in the Rosengarten of Mannheim just 3 hours by train from Paris. This is day 1. Video blogging - Friday September 7th Interviews

Tribute to a great luthier - Chris Larkin interview at the 2016 Holy Grail Guitar Show

On August 3rd, 2018, the Irish luthier Chris Larkin passed away. I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing him at the 2016 edition of the Holy Grail Guitar Show. To pay homage to him, The Guitar Channel invites you to discover this interview where he spoke with passion about his work and his extraordinary

Joe Satriani is a regular at the festival Guitare en Scène because it is the 3rd time he plays it. It was for The Guitar Channel the opportunity to do a video interview just after the soundcheck of the evening concert. Note that the American guitarist played with his usual band consisting of Mike Keneally

Michael Greenfield luthier - His thoughts about guitar shows

Michael Greenfield is a Canadian luthier based in Montreal who makes acoustic guitars of very high quality. The Guitar Channel has already given you a tour of his wonderful workshop, this year I went back to see him on several topics including the guitar shows. Questions discussed in the interview Why exhibit in a guitar

Ben Harper press conference - 2018 Montreal Jazz Festival

In general the exercise of the press conference is not very interesting because the format is very rigid and the answers just as framed. And yet, not being able to interview Ben Harper directly during the 2018 edition of the Montreal Jazz Festival, I went without great expectations to this event and it was an

Mike Stern interview - 2018 Montreal Jazz Festival

In interview Mike Stern, a sacred monster of Jazz guitar who played at the 2018 edition at the Montreal Jazz Festival in a formation he co-directed with Randy Brecker (trumpet). 20min of interview with this influential musician who radiates at 65 a phenomenal level of energy. A great meeting with a unique musician! As a bonus

Demo concert videos - Festival de Guitare de Puteaux 2017

The 2017 Festival de Guitare de Puteaux featured a luthier guitar show with 49 exhibitors. In order to discover the wonderful instruments exhibited by the luthiers as well as the amps of craftsmen for electric guitars, demonstration concerts were held throughout the weekend. Here are some video recordings below. Demo concert videos Musicians Gotti Olivier

Instagram gem - Horace Bray jazzy groove transcribed by Kevin Davis

Instagram is a social network full of exceptional musicians. Horace Bray (@horacebray.music) is one of those. This Instagram gem particularly attracted my ear when I watched it because Horace uses an unusual chord progression (at least for me!): Em7 / EbM7 / Dm7 / DbM7. This chromatic descent is fascinating, especially when you see what

2018 Holy Grail Guitar Show - Luthiers interviews - Part 2/2

Interviews done on Sunday May 6th 2018 at what has become the great guitar show for high end lutherie instrument that is the Holy Grail Guitar Show with luthiers and pickup builders: Juha Ruokangas - Ruokangas Guitars Jort Heijen - Red Layer Guitars Lindy Fralin - Fralin Pickups Jason Lollar - Lollar Pickups Ivan Mulia - iVee

Yuval Amihai interview - I Ain't Got Nothing But The Blues

Yuval Amihai is a young Jazz guitarist who continues to have an increasingly promising career. He came to the showroom to record a Guitar-in-Hand interview to talk about his latest album, I Ain't Got Nothing But The Blues, which is a treat. As an added bonus, the club members will be able to watch a

2018 Holy Grail Guitar Show - Luthiers interviews - Part 1/2

Interviews done on Saturday May 5th 2018 at the Holy Grail Guitar Show with luthiers and musicians: Andy Manson (luthier for John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin!) - Andy Manson Guitars Paul Hamer (yes, the one who founded Hamer Guitars in 1973!) - H Guitars Rory Dowling - Taran Guitars Jacky Bastek / Jacky Walraet - EGB Community Build

Luthier Juha Ruokangas presents the Emma Maria archtop model

One of the novelties of the 2018 edition of the Holy Grail Guitar Show was the presentation by the Finnish luthier Juha Ruokangas of a new guitar model, the Emma Maria archtop, named after his wife. Here is an interview to know everything about what led this luthier to develop this new instrument in a category

2018 Guitar Summit - Preview of the 2nd edition in an interview

Last year in September was the debut edition of the Guitar Summit, a great show dedicated to all things related the six string world. From big brands to small builders, from electric guitar to acoustic, from amps to pedals and accessories, with demo concerts and masterclasses, it was all there and superbly organized. The 2018

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Bruce Gaitsch interview – Musician and songwriter

Just look at his Wikipedia page to see how much Bruce Gaitsch career as a musician and songwriter has been and continues to be rich! It is through Michel Salandini of MIJ Slected Guitars that The Guitar Channel had the opportunity to meet this outstanding guitarist at the 2018 Musikmesse. Bruce Gaitsch interview - Musician and

Guitar Show : 2018 Guitares au Beffroi (Montrouge), the best edition ever

From March 23rd to the 25th 2018, in Montrouge (right next to Paris), took place the sixth edition of the Guitares au Beffroi festival with a beautiful concert program and a splendid guitar show with 75 exhibitors (luthiers, artisans, brands, etc.). www.guitaresaubeffroi.com Photo Album There were many visitors in the guitar show throughout the week-end:

Master the 5 positions of the pentatonic scale in a 5 fret zone

In this lesson the exercise (or the torture, especially at the beginning) that Simon Ghnassia proposes to do has the goal to help you assimilate thoroughly the 5 positions of the pentatonic scales. The goal is to play all the pentatonic scale positions (in minor in this case) by changing position at each chord with

Guitar Review - Taylor K14ce Builder's Edition - New V-class bracing

In the very high end category, The Guitar Channel is pleased to present you this guitar review of the new version of Taylor K14ce Builder's Edition guitar equipped with the new V-class bracing presented at NAMM 2018 (see this interview with Andy Powers, the master builder at Taylor to know everything). In order to highlight

Pedal Review - Zorgverdrive / Zorg Effects
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Pedal Review – Zorgverdrive / Zorg Effects

Zorg Effects is a French boutique pedal builder based in Toulouse. This builder has a wide range of gain pedal with several boosters, distorsions, octavers and overdrives. The Zorgverdriver is a great overdrive pedal with a wide range of tones. Pedal Review - Zorgverdrive Zorg Effects is a pro partner on The Guitar Channel Review

Antoine Dufour

When you have the opportunity to have such a gifted musician as Antoine Dufour in your showroom, it's a pleasure to record him playing one of his composition. Here's the song called Air Ground performed on a Franck Cheval luthier (chevalguitars.com) guitar which was loaned to me by a club member. This model is slightly smaller

Pedal Review - Brut(e) Dewitte Wired - Add huge sounds to your pedalboard

Nicolas Dewitte has been designing and producing pedals under the brand Dewitte Wired since 2004, the pedal model Brut(e) represents the synthesis of all experiments to propose a pedal with huge sounds on your pedalboard. Note that the pedal is presented as a preamp that is to say that it can of course work in

NAMM 2018 - Relive the show as if you were onsite

The NAMM is above all for The Guitar Channel a unique opportunity in the year to approach world-famous guitarists in one place and to do interviews. Here is the list of NAMM 2018 musician interviews of artists to discover: Muriel Anderson Adam Levy Scott Henderson Sean Ashe Carl Verheyen Tom Quayle NAMM 2018 Musician interviews

Boutique Guitar Showcase report - NAMM 2018
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Boutique Guitar Showcase report – NAMM 2018

For the second year, the NAMM offered a section dedicated to luthiers under the banner of the Boutique Guitar Showcase created and organized by Jamie Gale. There were 31 luthiers from all over the world who presented incredible guitars, whether acoustic or electric. The level was super high! Here's a selection of interviews done in

Here's Guitar in Hand Jennifer Batten interview recorded in Paris in October 2017 the day after she gave a clinic. Jennifer Batten is one of the rare female guitar player who achieved the guitar hero status by playing with great musicians like Michael Jackson and Jeff Beck. In this 30min interview she shares her view

Guitar Review - Origin P90 hum-cancelling - Tony Girault luthier

The luthier Tony Girault continues to develop his range of guitar around his form Origin with a new classy model. See for yourself: we have a beautiful flamed maple top, a beautiful walnut body and a roasted maple neck. Plus this instrument features the all-new P90 hum-canceling pickups from Tony's design. www.giraultguitars.com Guitar Review -

Andy Powers, master builder @TaylorGuitars: V-Class bracing
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Andy Powers interview – Taylor V-Class bracing

One of the great novelties of the NAMM 2018 was the great announcement of Taylor Guitars, the new V-Class bracing system developed by Andy Powers, the master builder of the Californian manufacturer. The Guitar Channel went to meet the luthier to know everything! Andy Powers interview Podcast Audio version of the interview available in the

Norman's Rare Guitars - Interviews and visit - Legendary Vintage guitar store in Los Angeles

The Norman's Rare Guitars store is a real institution in Los Angeles (among the guitarists at least!). This is where the stars come to provide themselves in Vintage instrument by choosing from the fabulous choice proposed, in both electric or acoustic instruments. This store was founded by Norman Harris who is still the boss and