Andy Timmons, live interview from his personal studio
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Andy Timmons, live interview from his personal studio

In the live interviews series, here is Andy Timmons (, an American musician whose sense of melody is always present with a glorious guitar tone. Andy answered all my questions with his guitar in hand, and in particular about his song That Day Came, which was discussed in this article. Andy Timmons guitar in hand

When I rediscovered

While passing on one of Jean Fontanille's Facebook live where he was presenting three of his Super Strat type guitars, I hear him playing a superb melody and ask him what it is. It was this fabulous song by Andy Timmons called That Day Came from the album Theme From a Perfect World. A few

Andy Timmons interview: Theme From A Perfect World, his new album

During the 2017 NAMM there was no time to record an interview with the one and only Andy Timmons even though we met during the great X-Jamm concert so a couple of weeks later we organized this Skype interview to catch up.

2017 X-Jamm: interviews with Kumpel, Allen, Gales, Lettieri and concert images

During the NAMM 2017, Blue Mouth Promotions ( hosted on Saturday January 21st 2017 a concert called the X-Jamm with a wonderful program:

Mark Lettieri (guitarist of Snarky Puppy who played with his trio)
Travis Larson
Cameron Allen
Teddy Kumpel
Andy Timmons
Mike Keneally
Tony Macalpine
Andy West

What a bunch of six string greats! A great opportunity for The Guitar Channel to do interviews right out of the stage.

Andy Timmons interview during the NAMM 2016
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Andy Timmons interview during the 2016 Winter NAMM

Here's an Andy Timmons interview done during the 2016 Winter NAMM. The Guitar Channel has been looking for a way to do an interview for a while now and it happened at Anaheim thanks to the introduction made through Blue Mouth Promotions.