Jude Gold interview at NAMM 2020: pro musician, journalist and podcaster

Jude Gold is not only an excellent pro guitar player gigging with Jefferson Starship but also a great journalist as well as a podcaster with his show called No Guitar Is Safe (Soundcloud link). It was a blast to finally be able to meet him during NAMM 2020 to record this in-depth interview. Jude Gold

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Sammy Boller interview at the Friedman booth at NAMM 2020

Already met in 2019 during the Friedman amp and guitar promotion tour in Paris, Sammy Boller (sammyboller.com) was one of the booth demonstrators at NAMM 2020. It was an opportunity to talk a little more about the music he just released in an album called Kingdom of the Sun. Sammy Boller interview The Guitar Channel

Bruce Forman Jazz guitar player interview - NAMM 2020

I discovered Bruce Forman by listening to Guitar Wank (guitarwank.com), the podcast he co-hosts with Scott Henderson and Troy McCubbin. It was a lot of fun to actually meet him and record this interview during NAMM 2020. Bruce Forman interview The Guitar Channel podcast The audio version of the video is available in the podcast

Don Poniz Pedals - Luciano Ponzio pedal builder interview at the Madrid Luthier Guitar Show

Luciano Ponzio was one of the exhibitors at the Luthier Guitar Show in Madrid last September. He is the man behind the Don Poniz (facebook.com/donponizfx) pedals made on the Costa Brava. Luciano Ponzio interview The Guitar Channel podcast The audio version of the video is available in the podcast on iTunes, Spotify and below: Until the

Alexandr Misko guitar in hand interview with the young Russian phenomenon of percussive guitar

It was a blast to record this guitar in hand interview with the young Russian Alexandr Misko (alexandrmisko.com) who was in Paris in our showroom. Check out his album Roundtrip (to be released on Nov. 26th 2019)! If you want to get a taste of modern acoustic percussive guitar playing, here's a monster musician for

Dave Friedman interview, tube amp guru presenting his guitars in Paris

Dave Friedman is the great guru of the tube amp line that bear his name, he launched two years ago a line of electric guitars built and conceived with Grover Jackson. Dave talks about it in this interview done during the clinic in the L'Ampli à Lampes store in Paris, France (see the report in

Mike Moreno guitar in hand interview in Paris in our showroom - Part 1/2

Mike Moreno is a great Jazz guitarist that The Guitar Channel could meet several times thanks to an introduction from Bruno Pelletier-Bacquaert (Jazz musician and regular columnist on our website). Mike being in Paris for a few days of vacation after a long summer tour in Canada, China, Japan and Italy, stopped at the showroom

Alexandr Misko interview, young Russian acoustic guitar prodigy - 2019 Guitar Summit

Through the French musician and guitar event organizer Kevuan, The Guitar Channel was able to conduct an interview of the young Russian musician Alexandr Misko during the 2019 Guitar Summit in Mannheim, Germany. A great opportunity to meet this musician who totals more than 200 million views on his Youtube channel. Alexandr Misko interview The

Furch Guitars manufacture tour and showroom in Czech Republic

During a trip to the Czech Republic at Furch Guitars, The Guitar Channel had the unique opportunity to conduct an interview right in the middle of the guitar manufacture with the brand's president Petr Furch. He is the son of the founder Frantisek Furch who created in 1981 this brand became worldwide in the field

Montreal Jazz Festival 2019 - Video Blogging

The great Canadian city has been a must stop for The Guitar Channel for a couple of years now for the Montreal Jazz Festival. The program is always great and full of great musicians. In the video blogging episode below you will have extracts from concerts, live shots from the outside concerts, micro-interviews and more.

Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown interview - 1931 National guitar in hand

Tyler Bryant is the singer guitarist of the band The Shakedown who rocks the stages with a very effective and powerful Rock Blues. They have recently been opening for AC/DC and Guns'N Roses. Tyler was visiting Paris to promote their new album Truth and Lies. It was an opportunity to do an interview guitar in

Gary Lucas interview guitar-in-hand - Wrote Grace with Jeff Buckley, played with Captain Beefheart

Thanks to the connection of the bassist Laurent David (whom I warmly thank you for this), The Guitar Channel offers a Guitar in Hand interview with the guitarist Gary Lucas. Not only Gary Lucas was one of the discoverers of Jeff Buckley with whom he co-wrote Grace and Mojo Pin, but he also worked with

2019 Guitares au Beffroi festival (Montrouge, France) - Jean Michel Proust interview

The Guitares au Beffroi festival will hold its 7th edition from March 22nd to 24th in the city of Montrouge, right next to Paris, France. Here is an interview with Jean-Michel Proust, head of the festival, to learn all about the 2019 edition of this great guitar event. www.guitaresaubeffroi.com Jean Michel Proust interview Photos from the

Hendrik Müller interview - The Musikmesse at the NAMM 2019

The marketing director of the Musikmesse, Hendrik Müller, was present at NAMM 2019 as an exhibitor. He explains in the interview below why he is there and what can be expected for the 2019 edition of the Frankfurt music show. musikmesse.com Hendrik Müller interview Please note that the Musikmesse is a pro partner on The

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While browsing my social networks I came across a guitar podcast named Everyone Loves Guitar (www.everyonelovesguitar.com). I listened to a few episodes and much appreciated the quality of the interviews conducted by its creator Craig Garber. This podcast was added to the directory of guitar podcasts that I maintain and I sent an email to Craig

Guitar Review - 2007 Gibson Les Paul Faded

In search of a Les Paul to equip the showroom to have this reference sound in the arsenal available to visitors and for testing gear, The Guitar Channel had the opportunity to test this 2007 Gibson Les Paul Faded at length kindly lent by a member of the network (thank you Sebastien!). This guitar has

The Krautster II model from Nik Huber is a clearly inspired from the Les Paul. Made in Germany in the workshop of luthier Nik Huber (often interviewed on The Guitar Channel), the guitar reviewed below was lent to me by Gilles, a member of The Guitar Channel network (1000 thanks!). Setup configuration Amp: Kelt V-Twin

Shawn Cho interview - Vola Guitar CEO at the the showroom

Shawn Cho is one of the CEO of Vola Guitar. He came all the way from Korea to present the Made in Japan instruments built by Vola Guitar while he was visiting our showroom in Paris. During the last Winter NAMM I had the opportunity to take a look at the full range of guitars

Charles Janssen luthier interview - Schwung Guitars

Charles Janssen is the luthier for Schwung Guitars (www.schwung-guitars.com), he is based in The Hague, Netherlands. We first met via Facebook and then in Berlin at the Holy Grail Guitar Show where he was present as a visitor. Charles came to the showroom in Paris with nothing less than six of his instruments to present

Andy Manson interview, luthier for John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin and much more

At the 2018 Holy Grail Guitar Show, I had the opportunity to do an interview with Andy Manson, a legendary luthier who worked for Led Zeppelin's bassist John Paul Jones. In this in-depth interview I revisit with him his career. I have to say it was an honor and a true pleasure to interview this

Luthier Juha Ruokangas presents the Emma Maria archtop model

One of the novelties of the 2018 edition of the Holy Grail Guitar Show was the presentation by the Finnish luthier Juha Ruokangas of a new guitar model, the Emma Maria archtop, named after his wife. Here is an interview to know everything about what led this luthier to develop this new instrument in a category

David Wallimann is a long time online friend who is an important Youtube guitar teacher with more than 110k subscribers on his YouTube channel. We almost met during the last NAMM but he couldn't make it at the last minute so we decided to do this Skype interview to talk about our respective projects built

Napoli brothers interview - @AnalogAlien - NAMM 2018

Jack and Joe Napoli are the two brothers behind the American boutique pedal builder Analog Alien. They were exhibiting as usual at the Winter NAMM, a perfect opportunity to catch up with them and get a few stories from them, straight from the show floor. www.analogalien.com Napoli brothers interview - Analog Alien Analog Alien is

Andy Powers, master builder @TaylorGuitars: V-Class bracing
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Andy Powers interview – Taylor V-Class bracing

One of the great novelties of the NAMM 2018 was the great announcement of Taylor Guitars, the new V-Class bracing system developed by Andy Powers, the master builder of the Californian manufacturer. The Guitar Channel went to meet the luthier to know everything! Andy Powers interview Podcast Audio version of the interview available in the

Bruno Pelletier-Bacquaert is the official Jazz consultant for The Guitar Channel. It was via his intermediary that I was able to conduct interviews with jazz greats such as Gilad Hekselman, Jonathan Kreisberg, Nir Felder and Mike Moreno. Bruno was in Paris for a few days before returning to San Francisco where he usually resides for

Adriano Sergio (Ergon Guitars) interview - NAMM 2018

Adriano Sergio is one of the luthiers who was part of the NAMM 2018 Boutique Guitar Showcase. Jamie Gale's Boutique Guitar Showcase was an entire section of the show floor where you could find high end luthiers from around the world. Previously interviewed in 2015 at the Holy Grail Guitar Show in Berlin, here is

Tommy Emmanuel interview - Guitar in hand in Paris

Tommy Emmanuel is one of the greats of the guitar at the moment and not only in the Fingerstyle domain. The Guitar Channels proposes you for the 3rd time an interview with the Australian maestro for a Guitar-in-Hand video. His album Accomplice One, which will be released in January 2018, is excellent with incredible duets

Sam Tharp interview - Fretish.com

Sam Tharp is an entrepreneur who is behind the Fretish service (fretish.com) which aims to be a kind of AirBnB for instruments. Admit that the idea is awesome! You go on vacation or business trip and bingo in a few clicks you can potentially rent a guitar for your stay. Well, that's in theory because the

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The Guitar Channel download podcast 2017 statistics

For your information you will see in the graph below (taken from the website of Libsyn, the service I use to host my podcast) that the trend is overall positive for the number of downloads of podcasts for the year 2017. In total, this represents a +54% increase in downloads between in 2017. In the second half

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Pete Thorn interview - In the heat of Shibuya, Tokyo
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Pete Thorn interview – In the heat of Shibuya, Tokyo

Pete Thorn is a musician who works a lot, whether to produce his excellent videos on guitar gear or to tour behind great international stars around the world, he never stops. After Paris in 2013, our paths crossed again but at the end of the world this time since this new interview was held in