Andy Wood, guitar in hand interview with the musician who came from the mandolin

Thanks to Mark Lettieri I was able to get in touch with Andy Wood, this American musician is incredibly good at the guitar and started at the mandolin. His Junktown album of instrumental music is a treat with a melodic sense worthy of his idols Eric Johnson or Eddie Van Halen. Andy Wood interview The

Allen Hinds interview - NAMM 2019

Meeting and interviewing guitarist Allen Hinds during this 2019 NAMM was one of the priority objectives of this Californian trip. This objctive was reached through the French musician Kamil Rustam who has been working in Los Angeles for the past 23 years and who isand Allen's big friend (thank you Kamil!). Allen Hinds interview Until

Yuval Amihai interview - I Ain't Got Nothing But The Blues

Yuval Amihai is a young Jazz guitarist who continues to have an increasingly promising career. He came to the showroom to record a Guitar-in-Hand interview to talk about his latest album, I Ain't Got Nothing But The Blues, which is a treat. As an added bonus, the club members will be able to watch a

Steve Vai interview - Modern Primitive: album between Flexable and Passion & Warfare

Steve Vai remains a major figure in the guitar world. In fact the 25th anniversary of the Passion & Warfare album has just passed and this album is still as relevant as ever. The Guitar Channel did a 40min Skype Guitar In Hand interview with Steve to talk about this special album called Modern Primitive.

Andy Timmons interview: Theme From A Perfect World, his new album

During the 2017 NAMM there was no time to record an interview with the one and only Andy Timmons even though we met during the great X-Jamm concert so a couple of weeks later we organized this Skype interview to catch up.

Tomo Fujita interview

Tomo Fujita interview – NAMM 2017

Tomo Fujita was really one of the musician The Guitar Channel was anxious to meet during the 2017 Winter NAMM.

Maneli Jamal interview - Fingerpicking rising star

Here's a Maneli Jamal ( interview done Guitar in Hand with the iranian born musician now living in Toronto after an epic and long journey. it is through Shaï Sebbag that The Guitar Channel heard about Maneli as they had met during a guitar festival in Mexico. They hit it off so well that Shaï decided to help Maneli organizing a tour in France. It was during Maneli's stay in France that we did this 30min video interview at the worldwide intergalactic headquarters of the show (meaning, my home).

Ivano Icardi interview: a new album So Far Away

Here's Ivano Icardi Guitare in Hand interview in video this time. Last time we spoke with the italian musician, it was in 2013 to talk about Walking With Giants.

Nir Felder interview during the Montreal Jazz Festival

Nir Felder is a jazz guitarist that I met thanks to the official adviser on the subject for The Guitar Channel, namely Bruno Pelletier-Bacquaert (a big thank you Bruno!).

Gilad Hekselman interview guitar in hand

Gilad Hekselman is a Jazz guitar player discovered by The Guitar Channel thanks to Bruno Pelletier-Bacquaert who is our official Jazz advisor.