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I love when it's possible to do an interview Guitar in Hand, so imagine when I had the opportunity to do one with a harp-guitar player, Muriel Anderson!

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Renaud Louis-Servais interview – Epic Circus album

Renaud Louis-Servais is one of the very best Fusion guitar player we have in France. He hast just released a new album called Epic Circus where he collaborated with none other than keyboard player Philippe Saisse and drummer Virgil Donati.

Paul Marchand interview: director of the Jaco Pastorius documentary

Here's an audio interview with Paul Marchand, the director of the Jaco Pastorius documentary.

Here's a audio Jon Gomm interview. Jon is one of the current guitar players who is really pushing the enveloppe in the acoustic guitar world. His latest album "Live in the Acoustic Asylum" was recorded live as the title implies and his full of guitar and yet still avoids the default of being annoying because of pointless technical prowesses.

This interview with Jon is more than 45min long as he is very generous and detailed in his answers.

I discovered Antti Paranko through the luthier Juha Ruokangas, also from Finland. In fact Antti is endorsed by Juha and has worked with him to compose some music specifically for his brand. After hearing this music (which you can hear at the beginning of every Luthier Chronicle with Juha) I decided I wanted to hear more.

Here's an unreleased audio interview with Oz Noy that I did back in 2013. There's no good reason why I waited so long to release it as I really dig the Twisted Blues Vol. 1 album so here it is now for your listening pleasure.

My attention was brought to Oz by a friend of mine who is also a pro guitar player, Jean-Michel Kajdan (merci Jean-Mi !).

This interview was recorded with Dave Kilminster on June 29th 2015 in Montreal during the Steven Wilson tour.

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Tom Quayle interview at the Musikmesse 2015

Here's an interview with Tom Quayle done during the 2015 Musikmesse.
Subjects discussed in the interview

His first guitar
The main turning points in his career
The collaboration he has with the luthiers at Fibenare
A full description of his signature model
The next projects

Until the next video, keep on playing the guitar,


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Don Alder awesome acoustic guitar player from Canada
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Don Alder awesome acoustic guitar player from Canada

It is thanks to Shai Sebbag that I met with Don Alder who was visiting in Paris for a concert. I did not know at all that musician who has stunning acoustic guitar technique.

Here's an Adam Miller interview. Adam was in Paris for the promo tour of the Premier Builders Guild to demo the Baker guitars and the Tone King amps at Guitars Addicts (one of the best guitar shop we have in Paris, It was the perfect opportunity to do an audio interview guitar in hand with a musician who is as awesome on acoustic as he is on electric.

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Gilad Hekselman, a rising star among the jazzmen

Following the advice from Bruno Pelletier-Bacquaert I added a couple of jazzmen to my radar in order to have more Jazz guitar players featured on the show. Gilad Hekselman was in Paris in July for one night at the Duc des Lombards, I took this opportunity to interview him before the concert.

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Matt Schofield interview, a blues great in Paris

Here's the interview with Matt Schofield recorded in Paris on December 13th 2013 while he was doing some promotion for his "Far As I Can See" album.


Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar!


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Riccardo Gioggi, an italian shredder from Italy

Riccardo Gioggi contacted me in February 2013, and each time the shuffle mode on my iPhone offered me a song from his album Theory of Dynamics, I took my phone from my pocket to check-out who it was: a very good sign! I had to do an interview with this great musician from Rome, Italy.

Mike Keneally interview - Podcast edition
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Mike Keneally interview – Podcast edition

If you're a fan of the electric guitar, you must have seen on stage without knowing it at one time or another the guest of this episode, Mike Keneally.

In fact, Mike has played behind Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Frank Zappa and many others.

During the interview we talked among other things about his excellent solo album Wing Beat Fantastic which I offer some excerpts before the interview as usual.

Extracts from Wing Beat Fantastic:

+ Wing Beat Fantastic
+ You Kill Me
+ Inglow
+ Bobeau

Until the next time, keep on playing the guitar !


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For this episode I am very happy to have Jon Herington with me on the show.

I had the pleasure this quiet but VERY intense bluesman, believe me, he has a DEEP voice and it is quite a feat to interview such a nice gentleman with such an articulate way to express himself.

His album "Booker's Guitar" is a pure joy and if Eric plays near you, go check him out!

Eric official website:

Happy listening,



Philip Sayce
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Philip Sayce and his an innerevolution

I had the great pleasure to interview Philip Sayce, a superb guitar player, while he was in Paris to do some promo for his latest album Innerevolution.

Galerie de superbes photos de Tasunka du concert du 26 mai de Philip Sayce

Happy listening,


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