Paul Marchand interview: director of the Jaco Pastorius documentary

Here's an audio interview with Paul Marchand, the director of the Jaco Pastorius documentary. A couple of weeks ago I presented you with an in-depth video interview with Robert Trujillo, Metallica's bass player, to talk about his role as a producer in the documentary.

Paul Marchand


Questions asked about the Jaco Pastorius documentary

  • What’s your connection with Jaco Pastorius?
  • How did you approach the work on the documentary?
  • There are a couple of great live sequence with Jaco, how did you pick what to include?
  • What was the most difficult in putting out such a movie?
  • Any interesting stories you could not include in the movie?
  • Interview with stars?
  • What’s the biggest legacy Jaco left according to you?
  • When and how will the movie be released?

Official trailer

Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar... or the bass!


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