Test drive of the Deeflexx during a concert and rehearsal
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Test drive of the Deeflexx during a concert and rehearsal

Through the partnership with Deeflexx which is a Pro Backstage Pass owner, The Guitar Channel is able to have Backstage Pass owners to test drive the products using their own gear and in a real situation rather than simply in a guitar store. Here's the full testimony from José.

Deeflexx website: www.hoovi.at

Here's a picture of José playing his Telecaster and experimenting for the first time the Deeflexx during the Gear Afternoon #1.

Deeflexx test drive by José
As a Backstage Pass owner on The Guitar Channel I was able to test a Deeflexx product live in a bar.

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New Pro Backstager : Taylor Guitars

Name : Taylor Guitars
Type : guitar builders
Web : www.taylorguitars.com
Taylor Guitars is one of the biggest player in the guitar world with an unsurpassed level of quality among the industry.

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Guitar Review - Fastback Alquier by Maurice Dupont

This Fastback Alquier model Codetalker built in the Maurice Dupont luthier workshop is a design by luthier Jean-Yves Alquier. It's still possible to get a custom Fastback entirely made by Jean-Yves but you now have the option to get a more affordable version with the same design and built by Maurice Dupont team in France.

Spoiler: this instrument is a great luthier guitar.
Fastback Alquier "Codetalker" by Maurice Dupont

Fastback Codetalker photos
Here are a couple of photos of this very elegant instrument.

Rig used for the review
Here's the pedalboard used for the review.

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New Pro Backstager announce: Dewitte Wired

Name : Dewitte Wired
Type : boutique builder of pedals and amps
Web : www.dewitte-wired.fr
Dewitte Wired is a French boutique builder composed of two people Nicolas Dewitte and Stéphane Pointeaux. They propose a nice range of overdrive, distorsion and booster pedals. Some tube amp heads are also in the works.

A couple of Dewitte Wired pedals

Interview (in French) of Nicolas Dewitte

Interested in the Pro Backstage Pass ?
The Pro Backstage Pass is tailored to help you grow your business and increase your visibility in the guitar community.

The competition organized by Lee Ritenour is back again in 2016.

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Guitares au Beffroi 2016: Interview with the guitar show organizer

The festival Guitares au Beffroi 2016 includes as previous years a guitar show called Le Salon de la Belle Guitare which means The Show of the Beautiful Guitar. Here's below a video interview with Armel Amiot, the guitar show organizer.

Guitares au Beffroi website: www.guitaresaubeffroi.com

Guitares au Beffroi 2016 - Interview with the guitar show organizer
As the guitar show organizer, Armel Amiot is the point of contact in case you are interested in being an exhibitors.

Luthier Ted Astrand interview at the 2015 Holy Grail Guitar Show
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Luthier Ted Astrand interview at the 2015 Holy Grail Guitar Show

Here's a Ted Astrand interview done during the 2015 edition of the Holy Grail Guitar Show. Several luthier friends told me to check-out Ted during the show so I listened to their advice and went to meet Ted. His work is really stunning. The guitar presented in Berlin looks both gorgeous and elegant.

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How to play guitar on Snapchat

In the Snapchat app you have to keep a finger on the red button to record so unless you are an alien with a 3rd arm or you have a buddy around to take the snap while you play, you can't do it.

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Dynacord Echocord Super 76: review of a real tape echo

Here's a review of a real tape echo and spring reverb studio effect, the Dynacord Echocord Super 76. One of the Backstage Pass subscriber, Philippe, who is very good at electronics repaired this nice piece of gear and lent it to me. It's quite something to experience for the first time ever to play with a real tape echo machine. I don't know if has to do with being able to see the tape move around, the quality of the sound itself or a mix of both but I was floored by the sound of this unit.

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Pro Backstager announcement – Aquilina Basses

Name : Aquilina Basses
Type : Luthier
Web : www.aquilinabasses.com
Sébastien builds high-quality instrument with a very elegant design which provides a great balance. He exposes regularly at the NAMM and he sells his bass guitars all over the world. if you understand French, you can watch a video of interview of him during the 2016 NAMM in this article.

A couple of Aquilina Basses

The instrument presented during the 2016 Winter NAMM

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The Pro Backstage Pass is tailored to help you grow your business and increase your visibility in the guitar community.

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Guitar podcast directory – Selection

The Guitar Channel has been active as a podcast since its launch in 2009. In fact everything started as an audio podcast to evolve to its current form of a full audio and video show. It seems that as of 2015 the podcast space has regain a bit of his past glory and I am not going to complain about that as there won't be ever such thing as too many podcasts. Here's a guitar podcast directory in the form of this list of the guitar related podcast I am aware of.

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Gear Afternoon #1: a great guitar moment

On Saturday, I organized a Gear Afternoon to spend some quality time in a rehearsal studio with some fellow backstagers playing and testing each other's pieces of gear (guitars, pedals, amps, etc.). It was a lot of fun to have this Special Event in this unstructured format.
Album photo of this Gear Afternoon
Here are some photos taken during this afternoon.

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Gear Evening: Dupont, FxAmps, Anasounds, Verspieren

To start 2016 in the best way possible, The Guitar Channel invites you to come to the first Gear Evening of the year where you will be able to meet the luthier Maurice Dupont, the amps from Fx Amps, the boutique pedal builder Anasounds and Verspieren which proposes specialized products for musician to insure their instruments.

The concept of the Gear Evening is to meet and interact with a small selection of exhibitors and to try their gear in a real rehearsal studio.
The exhibitors for this Gear Evening

Guitars: the luthier Maurice Dupont
Amps: the French distributor for Fx Amps

Pro Backstager announcement: HooVi Deeflexx
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Pro Backstager announcement: HooVi Deeflexx

Name : HooVi
Type : Company
Web : www.hoovi.at
e-mail : info(a)hoovi.at
The Deeflexx Systems invented by HooVi solve the problem of the sound diffusion from guitar amps. The highly engineered Sound Deflection System is just to be placed in front of any guitar amp to enhance the sound and get rid of the shrill sound coming from the speaker cone.
Without the Deeflexx: the sound is not distributed evenly, shrill and dull zones

With the Deeflexx: spherical sound distribution, fat and clear sounding amp

The Deeflexx products
In the range of products proposed by HooVi, you will find 3 models.

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Snapchat Guitar Directory: the list of the best accounts
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Snapchat Guitar Directory: the best accounts

Snapchat is a cool social network tool you can use to get some short video and photo update about things which matters to you such. Very important feature of Snapchat: all the content posted in the app disappear after 24h max. One of the limitation of the service is that there's no mechanism to discover relevant people inside the app. You have to find them one by one, there's no search engine, no hashtag, nothing.

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Frank Hartung interview, luthier at the Holy Grail Guitar Show

Here's a Frank Hartung interview done during the 2014 Holy Grail Guitar Show. He was one of the German luthier exhibiting during the show.

Lars Rasmussen interview at the 2014 Holy Grail Guitar Show

Here's a Lars Rasmussen interview done during the 2014 Holy Grail Guitar Show. Lars is a Swedish luthier who build high end acoustic guitar.

Guitares au Beffroi 2016 : an international guitar show right next to Paris

The fourth edition of the guitar fair during the Guitares au Beffroi 2016 festival is going to be even more international this time with luthiers from Europe and further. It will take place from 25 to 27 March 2016 in Montrouge, right next to Paris. Below are four examples of European craftsmen that you can meet at the show.

Laguz The Special from Soultool Customized Guitars - Guitar review

The Laguz The Special guitar from Soultool Customized Guitars is an instrument which was presented by the luthier Egon Rauscher (watch his interview in this article) during the 2015 Holy Grail Guitar Show.

Pro Backstager announcement: luthier Maurice Dupont
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Pro Backstager announcement: luthier Maurice Dupont

Name : Maurice Dupont
Type : Luthier
Web : www.acoustic-guitars.com
Maurice Dupont is one of the great gentleman of the French lutherie. He manufactures guitars surrounded by a team in his workshop near Cognac in France. Well known for his type of gypsy guitar, his production covers a much wider spectrum from classical guitar to solid-body through its famous Manouche guitar or jazz oriented instruments.

You can find his guitars in his Paris store Dupont des Arts (3 Avenue Daumesnil, 75012 Paris France) right next to Bastille and Gare de Lyon.

Guitar Snapchat The Guitar Channel: pierrejournel
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Guitar and Snapchat: why they work well together

Snapchat was released in 2011. At the beginning it was mostly used by teenagers but not anymore. In fact as all the social networks its users have aged. Now grown ups are using it. So guitar Snapchat? Really? Yes. As the great online marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk advocates, Snapchat is an excellent tool because it allows you to get the attention of your followers.

What is cool about Snapchat also is that it allows to post super fast a short video content to engage with your community.

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Luthier Nic Delisle interview

During my coverage of the 2015 Montreal Jazz Festival I had the pleasure to do a Nic Delisle interview. Nic is a luthier for Island Manufacture Instrument. He is installed in the Montreal island north of downtown in a co-working space with other luthiers. He has a special approach to guitar building with an unorthodox design which is very original.

Mika Tyyskä is a very original guitar player with a very personal approach about his music. Not only he is writing and playing music but he also take care of all the visual aspect of his art with his alter ego Mr Fastfinger. His latest album Spirit Rising is shock full of cool music.

2016 Winter NAMM - The Guitar Channel
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Winter NAMM: the game plan for 2016

For the second consecutive year, The Guitar Channel will be covering the Winter NAMM, held in Los Angeles in Anaheim next to Disney.

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Pedal Review: shoutout Wampler Plextortion, Celmo Pimento, Tanabe Dumkudo
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Pedal Shootout – Wampler Plextortion, Celmo Pimento, Tanabe Dumkudo

Here's a pedal shootout to make a comparison between the Wampler Plextortion, the Celmo Pimento and the Tanabe.tv Dumkudo. 3 very different pedals to add overdrive or distorsion (in the case of the Plextortion) to your pedalboard. Wampler comes from the US, Celmo is built in France and Tanabe.tv is built in Japan.

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Pedal Shootout: pedalboard
The cab simulation and power amp section is done by the Torpedo CAB Two-Notes.

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Leo Guitars: interview with the luthier Darko Milojevic

Here's an interview with luthier Darko Milojevic from Leo Guitars (www.leoguitars.com) during the 2015 Holy Grail Guitar Show. Darko has been building guitars for 7 years now so knows what he is talking about and the high quality of his instruments shows it. Reinterpreting the Les Paul theme is not that easy, especially when you want to bring your own special flavour to this timeless classic of the electric guitar.

I have recently received a mail from Francisco Rodriguez, luthier for FranFret Guitars, where he told me about the creation of the CSGB, a new association in Spain to gather all the guitar builders, similar to what the EGB (www.europeanguitarbuilders.com) is doing at the European level and the APLG (www.aplg.fr) in France. You can read the press release for the details.

I wish the this new association all the best for the future.

The CSGB can count on The Guitar Channel to be a strong partner for its upcoming projects and initiatives.


Press Release of the CSGB
The past April 4th 2015 a few

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Colin James was part of the 2015 Montreal Jazz Festival to play several nights. We did this interview Guitar in Hand right on the stage of the Théatre du Nouveau Monde (www.tnm.qc.ca) right before the concert. It's always a lot of fun and much more interesting to do the interview Guitar in Hand. The concerts given by Colin James during the festival were excellent, the sound quality was really good and the band behind him was excellent.

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In coordination with David Wallimann who created Guitar Playback, I am happy to announce that we are starting a collaboration with The Guitar Channel by offering a free backing track pack to all the Backstage Pass subscribers. I had the pleasure to do an audio interview 2 years ago with David to talk about his book about mode. You can listen to the full interview here.

Content of the pack

  • 5 backing tracks in different styles
    • Beck is Back
    • Aelian Thoughts
    • Blues in G
    • Fusion Funky Vamp In G Dorian
    • Fields Of Joy
  • 5 PDF with details on what to play on each backing track
[caption id="attachment_7467" align="aligncenter" width="676"]Screenshots of the PDF with chords, scales and tips Screenshots of the PDF with chords, scales and tips[/caption] [s2If current_user_is(s2member_level1) OR current_user_is(administrator)]

Click here to download the 28MB Zip file

Thanks for checking out this sampler Guitar Playback backing track pack! These five jam tracks are meant to provide you with excellent quality musical beds to develop new musical ideas in various genres. Check out the included PDFs for scale diagrams and improvisation tips.

Use promo code BACKSTAGE to get a 30% discount on all the products purchased on Guitar Playback

[/s2If] [s2If !current_user_can(access_s2member_level0)]

The download link is available for the Backstage Pass subscribers

Use promo code TGC to get a 20% discount on all the products purchased on Guitar Playback

[/s2If] I hope you enjoy these tracks and find them useful. Please check out www.guitarplayback.com for more! Guitar Playback Stay tuned for more good stuff with David. Pierre. [s2If !current_user_can(access_s2member_level0)]
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I love when it's possible to do an interview Guitar in Hand, so imagine when I had the opportunity to do one with a harp-guitar player, Muriel Anderson!