Schecter Custom Shop Los Angeles - Guided tour and Michael Ciravolo interview

Just after NAMM, I took the opportunity to visit the Schecter Guitars Custom Shop in Los Angeles. By contacting Nick Johnston, I was able to get the contact to organize this visit, with the added bonus of an interview with Michael Ciravolo, Schecter's president. Let me take you on a tour of this Custom Shop,

Iconic Guitars, the up-and-coming boutique guitar brand! Factory tour & Interviews

Iconic Guitars ( is an American boutique manufacturer we're hearing more and more about. I discovered them at NAMM 2022 and was impressed by the quality of their work. Having kept in touch with founder Kevin Proctor, I went to their Carlsbad factory for a full factory tour. It was also an opportunity to interview

Bad Cat Amps workshop visit in Costa Mesa, California
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Bad Cat Amps workshop visit in Costa Mesa, California

The annual trip to California for NAMM is also a great opportunity to see what's going on in the many guitar shops and factories in the area. This time I'm taking you to see the workshops of Bad Cat (, a tube amp brand based in Costa Mesa. Bad Cat Amps workshop visit Until the

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In 2021, the Boutique Amp Distribution factory where Friedman amps were manufactured burned down. I had the opportunity to propose you a visit during a stay for the NAMM. One year later the new factory is operational for the production of Friedman ( amps but also Soldano, Tone King, Morgan, Synergy and Wampler pedals. Here

Right after Winter NAMM 2020, I had the opportunity to have a tour of the Huntington Park facility where the Friedman amps ( are built. Furthermore, my private guide was Dave Friedman himself. Pretty cool. The full version of the article includes the full length video as well as a complete photo album. This Boutique

In the series of factory tour videos, The Guitar Channel invites you to discover the Fender factory in Corona in the suburbs of Los Angeles. A unique opportunity to discover the place where all American Fender guitars are made, whether for standard models, Custom Shop and Masterbuilt. Fender factory visit in Corona Until the next

Jiri Machacek interview - Furch Guitars quality manager

During the visit of the manufacture Furch Guitars it was possible for The Guitar Channel, in addition to the video shoot of the factory tour itself, to make two interviews. The first one was done with the boss Petr Furch, son of the founder and the second with Jiri Machacek, the quality manager to have

Furch Guitars manufacture tour and showroom in Czech Republic

During a trip to the Czech Republic at Furch Guitars, The Guitar Channel had the unique opportunity to conduct an interview right in the middle of the guitar manufacture with the brand's president Petr Furch. He is the son of the founder Frantisek Furch who created in 1981 this brand became worldwide in the field

Furch Guitars manufacture tour and showroom in Czech Republic

In this new episode of The Guitar Channel's Video Blogging we continue the Factory Tour started in the first part at Furch Guitars ( in the Czech Republic. Summary of the full article Video tour of the brand nw showroom Full photo album There will be also videos interviews with Petr Furch (CEO) and Jiri

Furch Guitars factory tour - Czech Republic - Part 1/2
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Furch Guitars factory tour in Czech Republic

Invited by the French importer GNG / Eurodiscom and Furch Guitars (, The Guitar Channel had the pleasure of accompanying a group of French dealers during a trip to the Czech Republic to visit the acoustic guitar factory. Here is part 1 of 2 of a new Factory Tour. Summary of the full article Full

Deviser factory visit (Aska, Japan): Bacchus, Headway, Momose

It is not often that we have the opportunity to visit a guitar factory and even more rare when it is in Japan in the depths of the Japanese Alps! This is what The Guitar Channel offers you with this factory tour of the company Deviser which builds the guitars brands Bacchus, Headway, Momose, Seventy

Wood management at Alhambra Guitars (Spain) - Interview Pedro Lopez

While The Guitar Channel was in Spain to visit the Alhambra Guitars factory in Muro de Alcoy near Allicante, we spent some time in the wood storage space to do an interview with Pedro Lopez who is responsible for this crucial part of the guitar building process.

Pedro Lopez interview

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2019 Winter NAMM: 5th California trip for The Guitar Channel
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Guitar Events – All the on-site video reports

Each time The Guitar Channel is covering an event like a fair or a festival, we record a live report which is then available later for replay. This allows all the guitar aficionados to live the event from the inside. Here are all those videos in one playlist. Here's the list of the events covered:

Holy Grail Guitar Show
Festival Guitare Issoudun
Guitares au Beffroi
Gear Evenings organized by The Guitar Channel
Factory Tour

Video reports playlist

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The Guitar Channel introduces you to the world of guitar manufacturing with this visit to the Alhambra ( production site, which has been producing its nylon and steel string guitars for over 50 years in Muro de Alcoy, 70km from Allicante in Spain. Alhambra is a well-known brand of nylon string guitar players, whether for classical music, flamenco or pop.

Video visit of the Alhambra Guitars manufacture

Manufacture photo album
The factory with a total area of 14,000 m2 employs 120 people.

Guitar factory tour with Andy Powers - Taylor Guitars facility (Tecate, Mexico)

It is always a rare event to visit a guitar factory. First because there are not that many of them around the world and then because it is rare to be able to access those facilities easily. After visiting Taylor Guitars on the American side in California in El Cajon near San Diego, The Guitar

Godin Guitars factory visit
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Godin Guitars factory visit in Richmond, Qc Canada

Doing a visit of a factory building guitars is an awesome thing to do. Back in January 2016, I had the opportunity to take a tour of the Taylor Guitars factory in California.

Taylor Guitars factory tour in video
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Taylor Guitars factory tour in video

The day I did the in-depth interview with Bob Taylor, I did a full Taylor Guitars factory tour of their El Cajon facility near San Diego, California.