Michael Keneally shares his memories playing with Frank Zappa

Mike Keneally is an extraordinary musician who plays guitar as well as keyboards and piano. He has accompanied and collaborated with musicians such as Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Devin Townsend and Frank Zappa. In this interview conducted during the NAMM 2020 X-Jamm concert, he shares his memories with Frank Zappa to whom the evening was

Mike Keneally guitar player for Devin Townsend, Satriani, Vai and Zappa

As part of the Stay-at-Home period linked to the Coronavirus, this is one of the live interviews broadcasted to highlight musicians and other music pros impacted by this situation. Guest: Mike Keneally The great guitar player and keyboard player Mike Keneally (who played with Frank Zappa, Steve Vai et Joe Satriani) was the guest of

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Mike Keneally interview - Guitare en Scène 2018

Mike Keneally has been on stage and on record  with Joe Satriani for a while. He was part of the band behind Satch for this concert given during the 2018 festival Guitare en Scène in the French Alps. It is after the soundcheck of the band that The Guitar Channel was able to record this interview

Joe Satriani is a regular at the festival Guitare en Scène because it is the 3rd time he plays it. It was for The Guitar Channel the opportunity to do a video interview just after the soundcheck of the evening concert. Note that the American guitarist played with his usual band consisting of Mike Keneally

2018 G3 concert report - Uli Jon Roth / John Petrucci / Joe Satriani

The 2018 G3, this three-guitar concert formula launched by Joe Satriani, was at the Seine Musical on Monday, April 16, 2018, a brand new concert hall in Paris, France. The Guitar Channel was invited by the talented and multi-instrumentalist Mike Keneally, it was a beautiful evening very intense guitar night. In addition to Satch, the two

2017 X-Jamm: interviews with Kumpel, Allen, Gales, Lettieri and concert images
2017 X-Jamm: interviews with Kumpel, Allen, Gales, Lettieri and concert images

During the NAMM 2017, Blue Mouth Promotions (www.bluemouthpromotions.com) hosted on Saturday January 21st 2017 a concert called the X-Jamm with a wonderful program:

Mark Lettieri (guitarist of Snarky Puppy who played with his trio)
Travis Larson
Cameron Allen
Teddy Kumpel
Andy Timmons
Mike Keneally
Tony Macalpine
Andy West

What a bunch of six string greats! A great opportunity for The Guitar Channel to do interviews right out of the stage.

Mike Keneally is a unique musician who plays with Joe Satriani and who accompanied Steve Vai and Frank Zappa. He was visiting Winter NAMM 2017, here he is in an interview. Interview Mike Keneally Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre Journel.

2016 Winter NAMM - The Guitar Channel

Here're the interviews done during day 1 of the NAMM:

Colt Westbrook (Walrus Audio)
Kevin Drost (Reverb.com)
Jake Shimabukuro
Mike Keneally
Rob Balducci

Thursday - Friday - Week-end

NAMM 2017 - Interviews day 2

Colt Westbrook (Walrus Audio):

Kevin Drost (Reverb.com):

Jake Shimabukuro:

Mike Keneally:

Rob Balducci:

Colt Westbrook (Walrus Audio):

Kevin Drost (Reverb.com):

Jake Shimabukuro:

Mike Keneally:

Rob Balducci:

Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar!


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Mike Keneally interview on stage during the Joe Satriani tour

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For the first time The Guitar Channel presents you with an interview with Mike Keneally done right on the prestigious stage of the Grand Rex in Paris before the Joe Satriani concert of the Shockwave Supernova world tour.

Mike Keneally interview - Podcast edition

If you're a fan of the electric guitar, you must have seen on stage without knowing it at one time or another the guest of this episode, Mike Keneally.

In fact, Mike has played behind Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Frank Zappa and many others.

During the interview we talked among other things about his excellent solo album Wing Beat Fantastic which I offer some excerpts before the interview as usual.

Extracts from Wing Beat Fantastic:

+ Wing Beat Fantastic
+ You Kill Me
+ Inglow
+ Bobeau

Until the next time, keep on playing the guitar !


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