Alhambra Guitars reconquering Japan again - Interview in Osaka

The Spanish guitar brand Alhambra was one of the major brands present in Japan at the Sound Messe guitar show 2019 edition. A great opportunity to make a point with his representative Christophe Ravie for the first presence of Alhambra in this show. Christophe Ravie interview Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar!

Alhambra chronicle: presentation of a guitar in Ziricote

Alhambra uses several types of wood to produce its instruments, in this video, Valerià Torregrossa presents a new model that uses the Ziricote for the back and sides. Don't miss the other articles about Alhambra! Pierre Journel.

Alhambra Guitars chronicle: the differences between a classical and a flamenco guitar

As Alhambra Guitars is building both type of nylon string guitars, classical and flamenco, The Guitar Channel recorded this chronicle with Valerià Torregrossa to explain in video the differences between the two families of instrument. Valerià Torregrossa: the differences between a classical and a flamenco guitar Don't miss the other chronicles recorded with Alhambra! Until the next

Wood management at Alhambra Guitars (Spain) - Interview Pedro Lopez

While The Guitar Channel was in Spain to visit the Alhambra Guitars factory in Muro de Alcoy near Allicante, we spent some time in the wood storage space to do an interview with Pedro Lopez who is responsible for this crucial part of the guitar building process.

Pedro Lopez interview

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Alhambra Guitars master builders interview - Javier Mengual and José Margarit

The Alhambra factory in Muro de Alcoy in the province of Allicante employs many laborers specialized in lutherie and also has a team of expert luthiers, masters builders: Javier Mengual and José Margarit.

While in Spain to visit the Alhambra Guitarras manufacture (see the full video in this article), The Guitar Channel did a interview with Valeria Torregrosa who was recently appointed the General Manager for the guitar company. Here's below the video of this encounter. Valeria Torregrosa interview - Alhambra General Manager To learn more about Alhambra

The Guitar Channel introduces you to the world of guitar manufacturing with this visit to the Alhambra ( production site, which has been producing its nylon and steel string guitars for over 50 years in Muro de Alcoy, 70km from Allicante in Spain. Alhambra is a well-known brand of nylon string guitar players, whether for classical music, flamenco or pop.

Video visit of the Alhambra Guitars manufacture

Manufacture photo album
The factory with a total area of 14,000 m2 employs 120 people.