List of exhibitors and demo concerts – Festival de Guitare de Puteaux

Here's the full list of the 49 exhibitors who will be present at the guitar show during the first edition of the Festival de Guitare de Puteaux (pronounced "Puto").


Marque Type Produit
Anasounds Builder Pedals
APLG Association French luthier association
Bacchus Brand Electric Guitars
Battiston Luthier Acoustic Guitars
Baudry Luthier Acoustic Guitars
Bebop Assurances Insurance Assurance
Bertrand Luthier Guitares
Bioud Luthier Ouds
Caron Luthier Acoustic Guitars
Chevalier Luthier Acoustic Guitars
Claise Luthier Electric Guitars
CTL Luthier Electric Guitars
Doc Music Station Builder Pedals
Donadey Luthier Acoustic Guitars
Donnat Luthier Acoustic Guitars
Echo d'Artistes Luthier Acoustic Guitars
Echoppe de Sophie Builder Leather straps and producs
Elixir Strings Brand Guitar strings
Fejoz Luthier Acoustic Guitars
Fine Resophonics Luthier Dobros
Fred Amp Builder Pedals and amps
Geffroy Luthier Acoustic Guitars
Gendre Luthier Acoustic Guitars
Ghirotto Luthier Acoustic Guitars
Girault Guitars Luthier Electric Guitars
GSS Artisan Amps
Guitar Recipe Store Electric guitars
Headway Brand Acoustic Guitars
Henry Lemoine Editor Methods, books
Heptode Builder Amps and pedals
IT-11 Audio Builder Amps and pedals
Jegou Builder Amplis
Jégu Luthier Acoustic guitars
JV Guitars Luthier Guitars
Kelt Amplification Builder Amps
La Chaîne Guitare Media Guitar media
Lebrun Luthier Acoustic Guitars
Lowry Guitars Luthier Acoustic Guitars
Marchand Luthier Acoustic Guitars
Mion Luthier Electric Guitars
Music Sales Publisher Oublisher
Niglo Builder Picks
PMC Guitars Luthier Electric Guitars
San Lorenzo Guitars Luthier Guitares
Skelter Luthier Electric Guitars
Tornade MS Builder Electric guitar pickups
Wood4Music Builder Picks
Woodbrass Deluxe Store Guitars
Zorg Effects Builder Pedals


Show schedules

  • Friday 29/09 17:00 to 21:00
  • Saturday 30/09 11:00 à 18:00
  • Sunday 01/10 11:00 à 17:00

Demo concert schedules

  • Saturday 30/09 11:00 à 18:00
  • Sunday 01/10 11:00 à 16:00

The demo concert will be done by the following pro musicians:


Conservatoire Jean-Baptiste Lully de Puteaux


5, rue Francis de Pressensé 92800 Puteaux

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