The Guitar Channel download podcast 2017 statistics: +54%

For your information you will see in the graph below (taken from the website of Libsyn, the service I use to host my podcast) that the trend is overall positive for the number of downloads of podcasts for the year 2017. In total, this represents a +54% increase in downloads between in 2017.

The Guitar Channel download podcast 2017 statistics

In the second half of 2017, this represents an average of 10,000 downloads per month.

In addition I share with you this link to an article sent by a member of the club that includes information that go in the same direction that I can observe at my level.

What is a podcast - Reminder

A podcast is an audio program in general (although technically it is quite possible to broadcast video through podcasting) freely downloadable on a computer, tablet or smartphone. The big advantage of the podcast is that you can listen wherever you want and when you want.

Unfortunately, the general public only associates the podcast with a catch-up media that allows you to listen to radio programs. It's actually way more than that. Indeed, via podcasting you can find programs that talk about a wide variety of topics that are produced by independent producers (like yours truly) and who offer high quality content.

iTunes view of The Guitar Channel podcast

If you just discover this extraordinary rich media that is the podcast, this directory of podcasts dedicated to the guitar will surely interest you.

The Guitar Channel podcast

The Guitar Channel started in 2009 as a podcast, so it's in the DNA of the project to continue using this media in 2018. The Guitar Channel podcast is available on iTunes as well as all the usual platforms.

The Guitar Channel Podcast

As a podcaster since 2005 via the PCC, I can only congratulate myself that this media is seeing a resurgence of popularity. Without podcasting, there would not have been The Guitar Channel as a company, so it is fair to say that is  a technology that has had a major influence in my life.

Until the next podcast, keep on playing the guitar!

Pierre Journel.

Into guitars?

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