Montreal Jazz Festival 2019 - Video Blogging

The great Canadian city has been a must stop for The Guitar Channel for a couple of years now for the Montreal Jazz Festival. The program is always great and full of great musicians. In the video blogging episode below you will have extracts from concerts, live shots from the outside concerts, micro-interviews and more.

ZZ Top documentary

ARTE TV often offers great documentary that talk about music. So when it is on about the legendary Texan trio ZZ Top that is the subject, we enjoy every seconds of it! Great fan before the eternal guitarist Billy F. Gibbons who was (and still is one of my favorite guitarists), it was a blast

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Vlog - 2019 Sound Messe Osaka - Day 3 - Final day of the show

Big intense day for the closing of the Sound Messe Osaka with a lot of visitors (more than 7000 about the whole of the 3 days). So here is the third and final part of the Video Blogging so you can see what happened today during the show. Interviews of the day Christophe Ravi -

Vlog - 2019 Sound Messe Osaka - Day 2 - The real start of the show

Saturday, May 11, 2019 was the real beginning of the Sound Messe Osaka show with the opening to the public. All exhibitors are present this time, including the independent luthiers. Here is the seconde episode of the Video Blogging series for this day. Interviews of the day Ho Zen - Maestro Guitars Yukihiro Sakamoto -

Vlog - 2019 Sound Messe Osaka 2019 - Day 1 live report

Here is the live report in Video Blogging mode of the first day of the guitar show of Sound Messe Osaka in Japan. This is actually the final day of installation of the event with the afternoon specifically reserved for buyers. Summary of the full article Full video of the report Micro-interviews Album photo of

The Guitar Channel in Japan - Coverage of the Sound Messe guitar show in Osaka

In our quest to always better cover the six string world, The Guitar Channel will go to Japan to cover the guitar show of the Sound Messe held in Osaka from May 10 to 12, 2019. In 2017 during a family tourist trip, I had subtly influenced the course to make a detour up in

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Three Los Angeles guitar store visits - Guitar Center Hollywood, Mesa/Boogie Store, Truetone Music

Los Angeles is a gigantic city full of guitar shops. Last year The Guitar Channel made a visit of Norman's Rare Guitars, the legendary vintage instrument store. This year, there are three stores including the famous Guitar Center on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood that was recently redone. Also, the Mesa / Boogie store just opposite

Guitar Point visit - The best Vintage guitar store in Europe? Probably!

Taking advantage of the trip to Germany for the Musikmesse, The Guitar Channel went to discover Guitar Point the famous Vintage guitar shop. A dozen kilometers from Frankfurt, in a village called Maintal is indeed a unique store which several subscribers of The Guitar Channel boasted the merits for a long time. Well, I was

Visit of the 2019 Musikmesse Pop-Up Market - First edition

Musikmesse great novelty for 2019, the holding of a Pop-Up Market on Saturday with a very low entry price of € 5. An excellent initiative that brought together many dealers of Vintage guitars including Mathias Jabs from Scorpions, dealers of used equipment, accessories and records. Video visit of the 2019 Musikmesse Pop-Up Market Photo Album of

Video Blogging - 2019 Musikmesse - Day 2

This is the episode of the video blogging for the second and last day that The Guitar Channel has spent in Frankfurt for this 2019 Musikmesse. Many interesting discussions with people from the guitar business and one interview with the one and only Thomas Blug, founder of Bluguitar. Vlog - 2019 Musikmesse - Friday 05/04/19

Video Blogging - 2019 Musikmesse - Day 1

This is the 7th year that The Guitar Channel makes the trip to Frankfurt in Germany for the Musikmesse . It is clear that this show has changed a lot since then and not always in the right direction. Indeed, the guitar section is now hardly a reflection of what it was. No more big

Debrief - Strandberg Boden - 2 months of use

After two months of use of Strandberg Boden Original 6, an ergonomic electric guitar, it is time to give a first feedback on this instrument which incorporates a lot of innovations. Summary of the full article The positive points The neutral points The negative points Conclusion Positive points

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Stereo live streaming on Facebook with a Presonus Studiolive 16.0.2 USB

Attention, here is an article for the audio geeks! Problem I do live broadcast on Facebook every week and I wanted to broadcast in stereo. Problem: the console Presonus Studiolive 16.0.2 USB is seen on my MacBook only with as the first two inputs of the console, I am unable to get the stereo mix

Oz Noy interview - 2019 Winter NAMM

The 2019 edition of Winter NAMM is an opportunity to meet in real life the huge musician Oz Noy interviewed for the first time in audio in 2015 via Skype. This time it was in the basement of the Anaheim Hilton that we recorded this video. Oz Noy interview Until the next interview, keep on

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Winter NAMM 2019 - The Guitar Channel debrief

This year again the Winter NAMM has proved to be a unique opportunity to make reports and interviews impossible to do elsewhere. Thus, it is more than 30 videos that The Guitar Channel has realized on site to make you live from inside this American show which is the major point of the entire musical

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NAMM 2019 - Day 4 - Last day of the show

Sunday is the last day of the Winter NAMM. Here's the full video report of the quieter day with only 3 interviews. 2 in French for La Chaîne Guitare and 1 in English with Ola Strandberg from Strandberg Guitars NAMM 2019 - Day 4 Photo album reserved for subscribers More than 100 photos were posted for

NAMM 2019 - Day 3 - Saturday, the big day of the show

Saturday is usually the busiest day of the Winter NAMM, this year it was no exception. Here's the full video report with more people, more noise, more stars, more of everything! Interviews of the day Tim Pierce - Youtuber and session musician Curtis Fornadley - Tone Wizards author Rhonda Smith Paul Reed Smith Hendrik Muller -

NAMM 2019 - Day 2 - Warm and sunny in Anaheim

Here's the video report for the second day of the 2019 Winter NAMM. Watch 20min of video to immerse yourself in the biggest guitar show on earth. Today you will have a full visit of the huge Gibson booth who is back after a 1 year break. Interviews of the day Dave Friedman Kruno and

Here's the video report for the official first day of the 2019 Winter NAMM. Watch 20min of video to immerse yourself in the biggest guitar show on earth. Interviews of the day Andy Powers from Taylor Guitars Juha Ruokangas Oz Noy NAMM 2019 - Day 1 Photo album reserved for subscribers More than 170 photos were posted

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NAMM 2019 - Day 0 - Fender Custom Shop event

Here's the beginning of the video blogging of the 2019 Winter NAMM. It will officially start on Thursday January 24th but usually the show kicks off with the Fender Custom Shop event. The Guitar Channel was invited to show you the beautiful guitars exhibited. Guitar Porn Alert! NAMM 2019 - Day 0 Photo album reserved

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Laurent David session - Tiphaine Gallucci Bibass

Laurent David ( is a brilliant musician who splits his time between France and the US, specifically in New York City. He recently came to our Paris, France showroom to do an interview in French and to record this solo session. He's playing an instrument he initially developed with the late luthier Xavier Petit, the Bibass.

It's while listening to episode #14 of Tone Talk where John Suhr and Pete Thorn were guest that I first heard of the "Tone Wizards" book. John Suhr and Dave Friedman (one of the host of the show with Marc Huzansky) were talking highly about it so I had to check it out. Book

Renaud Louis-Servais interview - Fifty Plugged Guitars play Michel Legrand

This is the final result of the 50 Plugged Guitars project, an incredible project initiated by Renaud Louis-Servais whose aim was to play Michel Legrand's composition entitled "What are you doing the rest of your life?" by fifty electric guitarists. Fifty Plugged Guitars project video Renaud Louis-Servais interview Until the next interview, keep on playing

I recently read "The Gospel According to Luke" the auto-biography Steve Lukather wrote with the help of Paul Rees. Let me tell you right away that it's a great book. There, now you know. Book Review We all know that Steve Lukather played on tons of record but I have to admit that I did

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2019 Winter NAMM: 5th California trip for The Guitar Channel

For the fifth year, The Guitar Channel will be present at the Winter NAMM which is held like every year in Los Angeles in Anaheim. The archives of previous years are in this list of articles. For reminder or info, the Winter NAMM is the trade show that brings together each year in January the

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YouTube Gem - Tone Talk Episode #14: John Suhr, Dave Friedman and Pete Thorn

Thanks to Thierry Labrouze from Kelt Amplification, I discovered the Tone Talk YouTube channel. When a tube amp guru like Thierry recommends you listen to something you listen, you do it! Tone Talk is hosted by Dave Friedman and Marc Huzansky. Warning Tone Talk is actually a video chat recorded with several people. There is no real

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Book Review - Electric Guitar and Bass Design by Leo Lospennato

Book review written by Cem Öcek   Title: Electric Guitar and Bass Design: The guitar or bass of your dreams, from the first draft to the complete plan Author: Lospennato, Leo Website: ISBN: 978-3000296420 Amazon link Review Many lutherie books explain how to build electric guitars and basses, focusing on woodworking, materials, tools, and other

Organizing a guitar show is a huge amount of work that The Guitar Channel has happily done for the second year as part of the Puteaux Guitar Festival. Organizing is good, analyzing to be able to enhance the next edition is even better! That's what was done last year, see the debrief of the 2017

Lowry Guitars - Demo concert Puteaux Guitar Festival 2018

The Puteaux Guitar Festival 2018 included in its program demo concerts that allowed to discover the instruments exhibited by luthiers throughout the festival in the magnificent Jean-Baptiste Lully Music Academy. Here are the Drew Lowry guitars presented on video. Lowry Guitars - Demo concert Luthier: Drew Lowry ( Musician: Shaï Sebbag Video and sound: Philippe

The Puteaux Guitar Festival 2018 included in its program demo concerts that allowed to discover the instruments exhibited by luthiers throughout the festival in the magnificent Jean-Baptiste Lully Music Academy. Here are the Pierre Bertrand guitars presented on video. Bertrand Guitars - Demo concert Luthier: Pierre Bertand Musician: Shaï Sebbag Video and sound: Philippe Camus