Antoine Boyer is a young and very talented guitar player. He is equally at ease playing Jazz, Classical or Gipsy / Manouche music. "Cameleon Waltz" is his solo album which will be released on March 30th 2018. Antoine came at The Guitar Channel showroom to record an interview in French and two solo pieces. Antoine

Alhambra Guitars chronicle: the differences between a classical and a flamenco guitar

As Alhambra Guitars is building both type of nylon string guitars, classical and flamenco, The Guitar Channel recorded this chronicle with Valerià Torregrossa to explain in video the differences between the two families of instrument. Valerià Torregrossa: the differences between a classical and a flamenco guitar Don't miss the other chronicles recorded with Alhambra! Until the next

Heike Matthiesen (@gitarra) interview at the 2015 @Musikmesse
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Heike Matthiesen interview at the 2015 Musikmesse

Here's an interview with classical guitar player Heike Matthiesen during the 2015 Musikmesse. It's always a pleasure to meet and talk with Heike to hear the latest news and trend in the classical guitar world.

Heike Matthiesen has been a regular guest on the show. Each time I come to the Musikmesse I interview her. Each time it's a lot of fun to talk to such a passionate musician.

For the second time I had the pleasure of interviewing Heike Matthiesen.

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