Fender flagship store visit in Tokyo, Japan
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Fender flagship store visit in Tokyo, Japan

This 2024 trip to Japan was very rich in terms of guitar content production, as after visiting the Freedom Custom Guitar Research showroom and workshop, touring Tokyo's guitar stores, and covering the 3-day Sound Messe Osaka, we ended on a high note with a visit to Fender's brand-new flagship store in the heart of Tokyo's

Tokyo, Japan: video visit of some incredible guitar stores

Japan is a country of guitar aficionados, as you can see when you visit a guitar store. This is the case in Tokyo, where there are several districts with multi-storey guitar stores. Here's a visit to Ochanomizu and Shibuya. Tokyo guitar store visits Until the next interview or gear review, keep on playing the guitar!

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Interview with Masahiro Murayama, luthier's European guitar importer in Japan

Here's an interview that should be of interest to all luthiers wishing to export their guitars to Japan. Indeed, Masahiro Murayama (neuvellaxe.com) is a Japanese businessman whom I bump into at all European guitar shows. In fact he does that to find luthiers whom he then imports to Japan. Here is an interview with Masahiro

The best places to buy vintage or used guitars in Paris, France

There are plenty of places in Paris, France to buy used or vintage guitars. Here is below the selection of The Guitar Channel. This is of course a list that has an element of subjectivity. Let's just say that these are the places where I would go with my eyes closed because I trust them

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The 2020 Boutique Guitar Showcase (boutiqueguitarshowcase.com) tour curated by Jamie Gale made its French stop at Guitare Village, a guitar store located 30min North from Paris by train. At a time when guitar shows have disappeared from the face of the earth, it was nice to see about thirty instruments from American and European luthiers.

L.A. Vintage Gear guitar store visit in Burbank, Los Angeles

There are some very nice guitar stores in Los Angeles, here is a splendid one dedicated to Vintage gear and high end boutique brands, L.A. Vintage Gear (lavintagegear.com) in Burbank. This is the kind of store where Michael Landau comes to buy his guitar stuff. Content of the full article Video tour of the store

Takeshi Hayakawa interview - Blue-G Tokyo store - 2019 Sound Messe Osaka

At the Sound Messe 2019 show in Osaka, Japan, there was a hall dedicated to electrical, one to acoustics and a third for resellers. Blue-G (www.blue-g.com) is one of the very important guitar dealers in the Nippon archipelago. Takeshi Hayakawa is the director of this big store in Tokyo, which is on the corner of

Three Los Angeles guitar store visits - Guitar Center Hollywood, Mesa/Boogie Store, Truetone Music

Los Angeles is a gigantic city full of guitar shops. Last year The Guitar Channel made a visit of Norman's Rare Guitars, the legendary vintage instrument store. This year, there are three stores including the famous Guitar Center on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood that was recently redone. Also, the Mesa / Boogie store just opposite

Detlef Alder interview - Founder of the Guitar Point store in Germany

While visiting the Guitar Point store in the village of Maintal a few kilometers from Frankfurt, The Guitar Channel was able to conduct an interview with Detlef Alder who founded the store. Get ready, because he has some guitar stories to tell! Detlef Alder interview The Guitar Channel podcast The audio version of the video

Guitar Point visit - The best Vintage guitar store in Europe? Probably!

Taking advantage of the trip to Germany for the Musikmesse, The Guitar Channel went to discover Guitar Point the famous Vintage guitar shop. A dozen kilometers from Frankfurt, in a village called Maintal is indeed a unique store which several subscribers of The Guitar Channel boasted the merits for a long time. Well, I was

Mark Agnesi interview in the legendary Norman's Rare Guitars shop in Terzana, Los Angeles

Here is an interview with Mark Agnesi, store manager of the legendary Vintage guitar shop Norman's Rare Guitars (normansrareguitars.com) in Los Angeles. It was recorded in January 2018 right before the Winter NAMM. I had to do a selfie with Norman Harris (don't his interview) and Mark: Mark Agnesi interview Until the next interview, keep

Norman Harris interview, founder of the legendary Norman's Rare Guitars shop in Terzana, Los Angeles

Interview with the legendary Norman Harris who is the founder of the Norman's Rare Guitars (normansrareguitars.com) famous Vintage guitar shop in Los Angeles. This video was recorded in January 2018 while I was in the US for the Winter NAMM. Mandatory selfie with Norman and the store manager Mark Agnesi (don't miss his interview!): Norman

Norman's Rare Guitars - Interviews and visit - Legendary Vintage guitar store in Los Angeles

The Norman's Rare Guitars store is a real institution in Los Angeles (among the guitarists at least!). This is where the stars come to provide themselves in Vintage instrument by choosing from the fabulous choice proposed, in both electric or acoustic instruments. This store was founded by Norman Harris who is still the boss and

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Guide to the Tokyo guitar stores – Part 2/3: Shibuya

After Ochanomizu, we are now going to Shibuya in this series of three articles dedicated to the different districts of Tokyo in Japan where you can find guitar stores.

In this series of three articles you will discover the different districts of Tokyo in Japan where you can find guitar stores: Ochanomizu, Shibuya and Shin-Okubo, next to Shinjuku.