Fender flagship store visit in Tokyo, Japan
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Fender flagship store visit in Tokyo, Japan

This 2024 trip to Japan was very rich in terms of guitar content production, as after visiting the Freedom Custom Guitar Research showroom and workshop, touring Tokyo's guitar stores, and covering the 3-day Sound Messe Osaka, we ended on a high note with a visit to Fender's brand-new flagship store in the heart of Tokyo's

At the Winter NAMM 2020, the Mexican reissues of the Fender Lead models caught my eye. A few weeks later, here is now the complete test of the two Mexican Fender Lead series, the Lead II and the Lead III. To make it simple, the II is equipped with two single-coil pickups and the III

Fender Duo-Sonic, an excellent Fender Made in Mexico, in Desert Sand!

With its scale of 610 mm instead of 648 mm on a normal Strat, this Fender Duo-Sonic is terribly sexy! Especially in that Desert Sand finish with its anodized plate which is a must have for this model. Here is the complete test of this beautiful Made in Mexico reissue of a flagship model from

In the series of factory tour videos, The Guitar Channel invites you to discover the Fender factory in Corona in the suburbs of Los Angeles. A unique opportunity to discover the place where all American Fender guitars are made, whether for standard models, Custom Shop and Masterbuilt. Fender factory visit in Corona Until the next

NAMM 2019 - Day 0 - Fender Custom Shop event

Here's the beginning of the video blogging of the 2019 Winter NAMM. It will officially start on Thursday January 24th but usually the show kicks off with the Fender Custom Shop event. The Guitar Channel was invited to show you the beautiful guitars exhibited. Guitar Porn Alert! NAMM 2019 - Day 0 Photo album reserved

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Book review - Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt XXX 2017

Here's a great photo book published by Hal Leonard with pictures from Stephen Pitkin with only some of the coolest and funkiest masterbuilt Fender Custom Shop guitars over the past 30 years.

Universal Audio is highly respected for its great plugins which run in their interface. So far, the guitar amps plugins available were geared toward the big distorted sounds with the Friedman or Marshall plugins. It was possible to get some cool clean tones from the existing plugins but not as good as a real Fender amp. Until now. Universal Audio has just released a plugin for the Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe amp. Here's below the Tweed Deluxe plugin review in video.

Universal Audio website: www.uaudio.com

The cool looking user interface for the plugin.

John Cruz interview, master builder at Fender
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John Cruz interview, master builder at Fender

The video above is an extract of an interview of John Cruz, Fender Master Builder, done in Paris on September 29th 2014.

The full interview is available with the Backstage Pass.
Subjects discussed

His first guitar
How he became a master builder
How he deals with his orders
Why an old guitar is usually good
The relations with tthe other master builders from Fender
The impact of the master builder work on the production line
What he would say to Leo Fender

And more !