Reflections and perspectives on 2017/2018 for The Guitar Channel

As an introduction, I suggest (if you understand French that is!) you go and read a long but very interesting article by Patrick Beja, the only professional French podcaster who shares his career on Medium.

Patrick Beja during podcast recording

I know Patrick Beja for a while, we often had exchanges. What he has done with his podcast, Rendez-Vous Tech, is a model for The Guitar Channel.

It is also because of his initiative that I created a Patreon page but which never worked in my case because the Pass Backstage was already in place. The Backstage Pass subscription system I setup is a collaborative financing platform specific to The Guitar Channel.

Patrick proves that it is possible to create a media independent of the big companies (TV, radio, press, etc.) and to make it a viable business. I hope to follow these tracks soon for this aspect.

The Guitar Channel in numbers

Today The Guitar Channel is over 300 paying customers (including the pro partners), the year 2017 will end with a growth in customer numbers of + 20%.

This is an excellent result but the road is still long to be able to draw a salary from the project. Since June 2013, date of creation of the company, I did not get $1 in salary.

The current revenue of The Guitar Channel makes it possible to run the shop (to pay the web hosting, the travel expenses, etc.) but not yet to generate a salary.

The project is as exciting as ever if not more in fact! I always have a blast working 100% of my time on it. The prospects for development are very positive even if there is still a long way to reach the level of 1,000 paying customers who would allow to live financially from the project.

Some statistics of The Guitar Channel / The Guitar Channel:

2017 Review of La Chaîne Guitare

Much has been done in the last 12 months. Here is a selection of the striking actions in a random order:

Puteaux Guitar Festival

2018 will be an opportunity to further accelerate this development with many projects that I wish to carry out. We'll talk about those projects very soon.

1,000 thanks to the online guitarists who believe in the project and who are happy about what the Backstage experience brings them.

Until the next adventures of this crazy project, keep on playing the guitar!

Pierre Journel.

Into guitars?


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