“Guitares au Beffroi” festival and guitar show in France – The comeback

The festival Guitars au Beffroi (www.guitaresaubeffroi.com) 2017 and its luthier guitar show closed their doors last week on the 5th edition. This major event of the guitar in France has proposed two and a half days of high quality festivities around our favorite instrument. 2017 was definitely the comeback for Guitares au Beffroi!

Congratulations to all the team of the organizers and in particular to Armel Amiot who did a huge job to revive the dynamics of the salon of luthiers, where The Guitar Channel had a booth as in previous years.

Videos of the festival

Here are the videos done with the snaps published through The Guitar Channel Snapchat account pierrejournel:

Friday evening :

Saturday :

Sunday :

Photo album

The Cheval guitars as gorgeous in the back and in the front:

A very nice Korina Flying V built by the Belgium luthier Benoît Meulle-Stef:

The very nice and comfortable room for the mini-concert demos:

Interviews done


Overall this 2017 edition was a success. All the people met during the show expressed their satisfaction, be it the visitors, the exhibitors and the artists.

The positive points

  • Programming concerts with more general public artists
  • The luthiers' salon, which offered a very nice selection of instruments
  • The mix of guitar brands like Alhambra, Maybach, Eastman and independent luthiers in the guitar show
  • The demo mini-concerts in a magnificent room
  • The quality of the show organization
  • A targeted audience for the guitar show thanks to the entrance fee (5 €)
  • The friendliness of the atmosphere
  • The possibilities to try acoustic and electric guitars

The negative points

  • Too bad that the demo mini-concerts have not been recorded
  • Despite a significant increase in the number of exhibitors, it still lacks 10 or 20 luthiers to fill the room

Until the next guitar fair, keep on playing the guitar!


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