Baudry Guitars - Demo concert Puteaux Guitar Festival 2018

The Puteaux Guitar Festival 2018 included in its program demo concerts that allowed to discover the instruments exhibited by luthiers throughout the festival in the magnificent Jean-Baptiste Lully Music Academy. Here are the Baudry guitars presented on video. Baudry Guitars - Demo concert Luthier: Richard Baudry Musician: Shaï Sebbag Video and sound: Philippe Camus Until

2018 Festival Guitare Issoudun - 30th edition

The Festival Guitare Issoudun 2018 will be the 30th edition of this unique guitar event in France with a rich program of concerts, a guitar show, several masterclasses and an incomparable atmosphere. On the concert side, the immense Robben Ford is the international headliner followed closely by Christian Laborde, Joseph Lipomi, Jean-Felix Lalanne & Eric

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Backstager Guitar Story -

Here is a beautiful story of a guitar told by a member of the The Guitar Channel network. Want to tell your story? Join the network! The beginning of the story Lance Lopez is an American bluesman living in Dallas Texas. I discovered him in 2009 in Saarbrücken, Germany. It was while he was visiting

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The Puteaux Guitar Festival includes a luthier guitar show with 49 exhibitors as well as 28 demo concerts of instruments, amps and pedals by professional musicians on Saturday October 13rd and Sunday October 14th from 15:00 to 18:00. A wonderful opportunity to see and especially to hear all this beautiful gear played by talented pro

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The Guitar Channel Discord - Chat about guitar in realtime!

Want to chat in real time with other guitar enthusiasts? It is now possible on The Guitar Channel Discord via the web app and mobile or disktop applications. The Guitar Channel Discord invitation Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre Journel.

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Internationales de la Guitare de Toulouse 2018 - Guitar show

Like last year The Guitar Channel will be present at the Internationales de la Guitare in Toulouse 2018 with a booth. This will ensure coverage of the event via a special on-site correspondent throughout the weekend. The guitar show will be held in Toulouse on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 September. Last year video To

Guitar Summit 2018 - Video blogging - Day 3

Vlog Guitar Summit 2018 – Day 3

As if you were onsite, here is a new episode of The Guitar Channel Video Blogging in reportage in Germany for the 2nd edition of Guitar Summit. This guitar event is held in the Rosengarten of Mannheim just 3 hours by train from Paris. This is day 3 of the show. Video blogging - Sunday

Guitar Summit 2018 - Video blogging - Day 1

Vlog Guitar Summit 2018 – Day 1

As if you were onsite, here is a new episode of The Guitar Channel Video Blogging in reportage in Germany for the 2nd edition of Guitar Summit. This guitar event is held in the Rosengarten of Mannheim just 3 hours by train from Paris. This is day 1. Video blogging - Friday September 7th Interviews

The Guitar Summit ( will hold its 2nd edition from September 7th to 9th 2018 in Mannheim, Germany. Like last year, The Guitar Channel will be present with a booth to cover the many elements of this event. The full program is available online on this page. The big names present at the 2018 edition

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Festival de Guitare de Puteaux 2018 - Luthier show application

For the second year in a row, The Guitar Channel is organizing with the Puteaux Music Academy the guitar show of the Festival de Guitare de Puteaux right next to Paris, France. Here's the list of exhibitors for the second edition, this festival will happen from October 12th to 14th (see info below). The luthier show

Fall is traditionally a very busy period on the side of guitar events because there are a lot of shows and festivals that are held at that time. Below are the events on which The Guitar Channel will be present whether to cover the event, to exhibit or ... as an organizer! September 7th to

2018 Montreal Jazz Festival (@MtlJazzFestival): here we go again!

After several Musikmesse, NAMM shows, Holy Grail Guitar Shows, and various others guitar shows in France, The Guitar Channel will cover again this year this great event in Quebec which is the Montreal Jazz Festival ( On my program for the 2018 Montreal Jazz Festival Interviews with musicians programmed on the festival Meetings with local luthiers, and God knows there are

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Demo concert videos - Festival de Guitare de Puteaux 2017

The 2017 Festival de Guitare de Puteaux featured a luthier guitar show with 49 exhibitors. In order to discover the wonderful instruments exhibited by the luthiers as well as the amps of craftsmen for electric guitars, demonstration concerts were held throughout the weekend. Here are some video recordings below. Demo concert videos Musicians Gotti Olivier

Festival de Guitare de Puteaux 2018 - Luthier show application

The Festival de Guitare de Puteaux will hold its 2nd edition in the conservatory Jean-Baptiste Lully from Friday October 12th until Sunday 14th 2018. Puteaux is a nice suburb right next to Paris, France. Last year edition was visited by 2,800 visitors during the three days. 73% of the exhibitors were satisfied or very satisfied by the

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2018 Holy Grail Guitar Show - Video visit and debrief

To relive the 2018 edition of the Holy Grail Guitar Show, I invite you to watch this replay of the live broadcast made from Berlin on The Guitar Channel Facebook page. You will have a visit in the heart of this show that brings together the cream of the cream of the world luthiers in

2018 EGB symposium - Berlin

The EGB (European Guitar Builders association) organizes every year a symposium for its members, luthiers or guitar aficionados members of the association, with conferences dealing with many guitar subjects. This year it happened in Berlin right before the Holy Grail Guitar Show. EGB Symposium - Thursday May 3rd 2018 - Day 1 Here's the

2018 Holy Grail Guitar Show, 4th edition!

As for all the previous editions, The Guitar Channel will be on site in Berlin, Germany for the the Holy Grail Guitar Show. ​ Get ready for a lot of photos and videos of this wonderful events featuring the best guitar luthiers in the world. Become a member of the club to benefit from the

2018 G3 concert report - Uli Jon Roth / John Petrucci / Joe Satriani

The 2018 G3, this three-guitar concert formula launched by Joe Satriani, was at the Seine Musical on Monday, April 16, 2018, a brand new concert hall in Paris, France. The Guitar Channel was invited by the talented and multi-instrumentalist Mike Keneally, it was a beautiful evening very intense guitar night. In addition to Satch, the two

2018 Musikmesse debrief: less show, more business

Still on the ICE train that brings me back from Frankfurt to Paris, I'm starting this article to debrief this 2018 edition of the Musikmesse. For those who do not know yet, the Musikmesse is a huge show gathering professionals of musical instruments and sound industry. This is not quite an event as major as

Romain Pilon is part of the younger generation of Jazz guitarists who push the envelope and go further than the pure orthodoxy of this style of music. His superb album titled Copper is tinged with Rock while keeping a sprit resolutely Jazz. It was a great pleasure to welcome him to the showroom for a

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Guitar amp mic shootout - Shure SM57, SM58 and Loadbox Koch LB-120 II

Preamble I am regularly dismayed by the poor quality of videos of guitarists who make a demo and are posted, for example, at the end of the guitar shows where luthiers and amp manufacturers post videos made with a smartphone with a mediocre sound which is not showcasing properly the product presented (guitar, amp or

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Antoine Boyer is a young and very talented guitar player. He is equally at ease playing Jazz, Classical or Gipsy / Manouche music. "Cameleon Waltz" is his solo album which will be released on March 30th 2018. Antoine came at The Guitar Channel showroom to record an interview in French and two solo pieces. Antoine

Guitar Show : 2018 Guitares au Beffroi (Montrouge), the best edition ever

From March 23rd to the 25th 2018, in Montrouge (right next to Paris), took place the sixth edition of the Guitares au Beffroi festival with a beautiful concert program and a splendid guitar show with 75 exhibitors (luthiers, artisans, brands, etc.). Photo Album There were many visitors in the guitar show throughout the week-end:

Antoine Dufour

When you have the opportunity to have such a gifted musician as Antoine Dufour in your showroom, it's a pleasure to record him playing one of his composition. Here's the song called Air Ground performed on a Franck Cheval luthier ( guitar which was loaned to me by a club member. This model is slightly smaller

Gitarre & Bass / The Guitar Channel collaboration: an example to develop

One a beautiful morning in March 2018, while having breakfast and scanning Facebook on my phone I stumbled upon a photo with Dieter Roesberg, editor in chief of Gitarre & Bass, extracted from an interview made at the show of Guitar Summit 2017 in Mannheim, Germany. I must say that it's nice to work with

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Luthiers Beyond Limits: Alquier, Beauregard, Klein, Matsuda, Pagelli, Tao - NAMM 2018

In the wake of last year's Boutique Guitar Showcase, six luthiers have come together to present their instruments under the Luthiers Beyond Limits banner at NAMM 2018: Jean-Yves Alquier (see this article for the full report) Mario Beauregard Steve Klein Michihiro Matsuda Claudia and Claudio Pagelli Serge and John from Tao Guitars Since the NAMM

NAMM 2018 - Relive the show as if you were onsite

There is nothing better to really understand the NAMM than to live it from the inside, that's what The Guitar Channel offers you this year through these videos recorded with the ultra wide angle Snapchat Spectacles. Day 1 - Thursday 24/01/18 There, the NAMM has just opened its doors, it is still relatively calm: Day

The Guitar Channel download podcast 2017 statistics

For your information you will see in the graph below (taken from the website of Libsyn, the service I use to host my podcast) that the trend is overall positive for the number of downloads of podcasts for the year 2017. In total, this represents a +54% increase in downloads between in 2017. In the second half

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2019 Winter NAMM: 5th California trip for The Guitar Channel

For the fourth time, The Guitar Channel will be present at the Winter NAMM which is held every year in Los Angeles in Anaheim. The archives of the two preceding years are in this list. This edition promises to be particularly exciting because of the state of the market: the big brands are in danger, Gibson

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As an introduction, I suggest (if you understand French that is!) you go and read a long but very interesting article by Patrick Beja, the only professional French podcaster who shares his career on Medium. I know Patrick Beja for a while, we often had exchanges. What he has done with his podcast, Rendez-Vous Tech,

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