JD Simo, the American Blues guitar player born in Chicago and now in Nashville presents his latest self-titled album in this Skype interview. It is always a pleasure to interview this musician who is always very generous in his answers and full of a communicative energy despite the bleak times we are going through. JD

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JD Simo guitar in hand interview - Rise & Shine

Here's a guitar in hand interview done at the Gibson France headquarters with the one and only JD Simo who was in Paris to promote his latest album Rise & Shine. As a bonus for this interview, JD played a gorgeous 2min30s improvised solo alone on the guitar: a rare and precious moment! JD Simo

JD Simo interview - The 1962 ES-335 is back!
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JD Simo interview with his beloved 1962 ES-335

JD Simo was in Paris for a concert at the New Morning, a great opportunity to do an interview with this gifted guitarist with incredible energy on stage. During the last interview with him he had a splendid Les Paul vintage around his neck, this time it is armed with his 1962 ES 335 that he answered my questions.

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JD Simo from @JDSimoMusic, master of the Les Paul

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JD from the power trio JD Simo was in Paris for the very first time for their first tour in Europe as a promotional tour for the release of their album Let Love Show The Way which will be released in January 2016.