Victor Lee guitar in hand interview with the Korean born American musician

Met via Clubhouse, Victor Lee ( is a Korean born musician who came to the US at the age of 16. His instrumental music is awesome, he plays great and the production is very well done. In addition Victor plays on the great American guitars from Suhr and Tom Anderson so he has obviously very

Riccardo Gioggi ( is an Italian guitar player from Roma I had the pleasure to meet during past Winter NAMM shows. He is involved in many music projects such as band like Inkfall or Inno. Riccardo is also a full blown sound engineer and producer. Here is a Skype interview recorded with him. Riccardo Gioggi

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Riccardo Gioggi, an italian shredder from Italy

Riccardo Gioggi contacted me in February 2013, and each time the shuffle mode on my iPhone offered me a song from his album Theory of Dynamics, I took my phone from my pocket to check-out who it was: a very good sign! I had to do an interview with this great musician from Rome, Italy.

Tony Macalpine interview: an ever evolving shredder
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Tony Macalpine interview: an ever evolving shredder

I am happy to present you with an interview of Tony Macalpine, one of the not-so-numerous survivor of the 80s shredder era.

Dave Weiner - On Revolute
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Dave Weiner interview (@daveweiner)

For the second time I had the opportunity to talk with Dave Weiner.

Dave Weiner
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Dave Weiner interview (@daveweiner)

As a follow-up to this episode (where you can listen to a Steve Vai interview) I did a Skype interview with his guitar player for the last 10 years, Dave Weiner.

The 35 minutes plus conversation was recorded through Skype so please excuse the couple of drop-outs you will hear here and there.

Thanks a ton to Dave who took the time to answer all my questions.

Watch out on his website for his up-coming solo album very soon...


Happy listening,


Steve Vai interview (@stevevai) - Where The Wild Things Are

I almost lost sleep for a week when I learned I was about to interview Steve Vai! I am that big of a fan. I had a blast talking to him. He was extremely nice on the phone and answered all my questions.

Subjects discussed in the Steve Vai interview

Steve talks about his latest live CD/DVD Where The Wild Things Are
About his music
His band
His guitars
And plenty of other stuff

The live CD/DVD Where the Wild Things Are is a great testimony to how good Steve can be when he performs live.