Doug Aldrich interview at Blackstar booth during the Guitar Summit

Doug Aldrich was one of the guest stars at Guitar Summit in Mannheim, Germany. I was able to bump into him at the Blackstar booth to ask him a few questions and find out all about his upcoming projects. Doug Aldrich interview Audio version available on The Guitar Channel Radio for premium subscribers Until the

Gus G talks about his Blackfire pickups and let you win a set!

The Greek guitar player Gus G who played with Ozzy Osbourne and now leads his own band Firewind launches his brand of guitar pickups, Blackfire ( In this guitar in hand interview he demonstrates the two types of models, the Immortal (passive) and the Proteus (active) and talks about his current projects. Win a pair

Aaron Marshall interview, guitar player for Intervals, great Metal Prog band from Canada

Aaron Marshall is the guitar player and mastermind behind the Canadian Metal Prog band Intervals ( Here is a Zoom guitar in hand interview recorded the day before the release of their new album Circadian. Aaron Marshall interview The Guitar Channel podcast The audio version of the video is available in the podcast on iTunes,

Jason Bozzi interview, guitar player for the Metal band Dry Kill Logic

Jason Bozzi is the guitarist of the Metal band Dry Kill Logic. This band based in New York has just released a single called "Don't See Ghosts" which is excellent. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, here he is in a video interview. Jason Bozzi interview The Guitar Channel podcast The audio version of

Gus G interview to talk about the Firewind album

The Greek guitarist Gus G who accompanied Ozzy Osbourne releases a new album with his band Firewind ( After meeting him in February 2020 at the United Guitars festival where he was invited to play in Paris, France after playing on the album Volume 1, here is an interview to talk about all this and

It's the third time I have the pleasure to present you an interview with Mark Tremonti.

Tony Macalpine interview: builder of Concrete Gardens

Here's a Tony Macalpine interview for the release of Concrete Gardens. We did a Skype call to talk about this new release. The album is excellent, the technic is stratospheric as usual but thank God the music is not forgotten! It's always a good thing to see a musician like Tony releasing new material.

Greg Howe interview at the 2015 Musikmesse

I already did a cool and long interview with Greg Howe but for the first time I had the pleasure to do it in video during the 2015 Musikmesse.
Subjects discussed in the interview

His comparison between the Musikmesse and the NAMM
The new amp developed with DV Mark
His new guitar with Carvin
The lastest update on the next Maragold album
His current projects


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Alex Skolnick interview – Planetary Coalition

I was not able to catch Alex Skolnick during the 2015 winter NAMM show so we scheduled a Skype call to do the interview. His career has not been the usual one for a Heavy Metal guitar player, he is not afraid to venture into Jazz and World music. Planetary Coalition, his latest album, is a fascinating collection of music with very different musicians.

Mattias IA Eklundh masterclass in Paris at Metal Guitar
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Mattias IA Eklundh masterclass in Paris

Right before the Freak Kitchen concert in Paris, Mattias Eklundh was at Metal Guitar for a showcase/masterclass. The full recording is available below in 3 videos.

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Interview with Doug Scarratt from Saxon

Back in 2012 I had the opportunity to meet Doug Scarratt while he was in Paris to promote a Saxon best-of album.

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Ola Englund interview at the 2015 Winter NAMM show

Here's the interview done with Ola Englund from Sweden at the 2015 NAMM show.

Kiko Loureiro interview during the 2014 Hellfest
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Kiko Loureiro interview during the 2014 Hellfest

Here's the interview I did with Kiko Loureiro during the 2014 Hellfest before he went onstage with Angra, the brazilian metal band.
Kiko Loureiro interview during the 2014 Hellfest

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Zakk Wylde interview: the launch of WyldevAudio products

Here's the video interview done for the Zakk Wylde interview during the 2015 NAMM show. Zakk had just announced a couple of days before the opening of the NAMM that he was launching a line of musical products starting with electric guitars and amps under the brand Wylde Audio.

Stéphan Forté is one of those French musician who is more famous in the rest of the world than in his home country.

Here's the interview with Mark Tremonti at the 2014 Hellfest right before he went onstage with Alter Bridge.

Stéphan Forté

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The full video interview is available in this article.
Stéphan Forté was at the Festival Guitare Issoudun in the middle of France for a masterclass with his usual bass player Franck Hermanny, I jumped on the opportunity to do a video interview with him.
Subjects discussed during the interview
+ His recent change of guitars from Lag to Ibanez
+ The specs of the Premium Ibanez he uses at the moment
+ The details on the future custom guitar with Ibanez
+ His practice philosophy
+ How he works on the instrument
+ His projects for

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Stephan Forte Interview – A top gun shredder at Issoudun

Stéphan Forté was at the Festival Guitare Issoudun to do a masterclass with his bass player Franck Hermanny and I jumped on the occasion to do a video interview with him.

Mark Tremonti and Pierre Journel

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Alter Bridge was in town to play Le Zénith in Paris to promote their latest album Fortress, I jumped on the opportunity to interview Mark Tremonti. I am a huge fan of his, especially the early albums of Creed so I was thrilled to be able to meet him and talk guitar.

Story of the interview
I had a 20min slot scheduled at 3:10pm backstage at Le Zénith.

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My first Hellfest festival

This was my first going to the Hellfest. I have been hearing about this metal festival for a long time, given the high concentration of guitar players  present, I had to cover the festival some day.

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Kiko Loureiro interview (@KikoLoureiro): a melodic brazilian shredder

The metal guitarists are plenty, let's face it, but those who have a wide range of expression are not that many. Kiko Loureiro is one of those, that's why I wanted to interview him for his solo album "Sounds of Innocence". It has plenty of musicality and strong melodies all over the record and, of course,  with a breathtaking technique.

Well known to play in the progressive metal band Angra, Kiko delivers with a great solo album of instrumental music.

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The Hellfest : a hell of festival!

The Hellfest festival has become a must for all that concerns heavy music. It takes place West of France in Clisson.This year I think the program is very attractive with some of the biggest names in heavy rock like ZZ Top, Europe, Whitesnake or Def Leppard as well as other bands like Gojira, Korn. In all it's more than 150 groups that will feed the torrent of decibels 21-22-23 June 2013 in Clisson.

For the first time, I'll cover this festival with a Press pass to bring a maximum of picture, audio and video.

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John Norum interview, lead guitar player for Europe

We all have in mind the slightly annoying synth riff of "The Final Countdown" when it comes to Europe.

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Tony Macalpine interview: an ever evolving shredder
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Tony Macalpine interview: an ever evolving shredder

I am happy to present you with an interview of Tony Macalpine, one of the not-so-numerous survivor of the 80s shredder era.

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Matthias Eklundh interview transcription (PDF) #Backstage

Back in september I had the pleasure to meet Matthias Eklundh while he was doing some promo for the Freak Kitchen album "Land Of The Freaks", here is a word-by-word complete written transcription done by Jenn at Random Chatter Music.

The audio recording of the interview is in episode #38.

Direct link to the PDF transcription
Happy reading,