Pete Thorn interview (@PeteThorn): the best guitar nerd

Hey Pete Thorn titled his solo album Guitar Nerd so I guess it gives me the right call him that right? If you are a gear addicts (as we all are at one level) you must have viewed one of the numerous videos Pete has on his YouTube channel. But Pete is a pro guitar player first and foremost, he played with many big names such as Melissa Etheridge, Chris Cornell to name only those two.


I caught him when he was in Paris on tour with a very famous singer in France, Mylène Farmer who fills stadiums when she tours. I had a ton of fun talking to him as you can tell from the pic below.

Pete Thorn interview in Paris

Subjects discussed in the interview

  • His influences and training
  • The main turning points in his career
  • His works as a side man
  • How he worked on his solo album Guitar Nerd
  • The gorgeous Gil Yaron Les Paul replica he recently acquired
  • His next projects

The video above is an extract of the 28min interview. Get the Backstage Pass to view it in full and enjoy all the goodies (exclusive content, masterclass, deals and private community).

In the mean time, don't hesitate to get a copy of Guitar Nerd. It's a great album full of great songs shock full of great guitar parts and sounds.

And yes, for me, Pete IS the best guitar nerd, period.

Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar!

Pierre Journel.

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