Steve Hackett interview (@HackettOfficial) about Wolflight
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Steve Hackett interview about the Wolflight album

For the release of the his previous solo album Beyond The Shrouded Horizon in 2011 I did an audio interview with Steve Hacket. Here's a new one for his latest work with the album called Wolflight. This album is full of the epic music Steve is so good at composing.

Extracts of the album before the Steve Hackett interview

Loving Sea
Black Thunder
Heart Song

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Steve Hackett interview (@HackettOfficial): a living legend with a magic touch
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Steve Hackett : magic touch guitar player

Here's an audio Steve Hackett interview. Steve is a true superstar of the guitar, whether because of his work with in Genesis or through various solo projects or group, he has a touch of his own. Whether you're a fan of progressive rock or not, the music of Steve can not leave you indifferent.