Greg Howe guitar in hand interview from Shrapnel to Michael Jackson and more

The American guitar player Greg Howe has played with huge pop stars from Michael Jackson to Justin Timberlake, Enrique Iglesias and more. His career as a solo artist or within a band has also been very rich. Here is a guitar in hand interview from his home in Oklahoma. The two other interviews with Greg

2015 Musikmesse interviews

Here's a teaser of the interviews recorded during the 2015 Musikmesse with this list of people:

Heike Matthiesen
Frank Gambale
Jeff Berlin
Greg Howe
Gabor Goldschmidt from Fibenare Guitars
Tom Quayle

2015 Musikmesse preview video

Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar!


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Greg Howe interview at the 2015 Musikmesse

I already did a cool and long interview with Greg Howe but for the first time I had the pleasure to do it in video during the 2015 Musikmesse.
Subjects discussed in the interview

His comparison between the Musikmesse and the NAMM
The new amp developed with DV Mark
His new guitar with Carvin
The lastest update on the next Maragold album
His current projects


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Greg Howe interview: a great guitar player with Maragold

Here's Greg Howe interview. Greg is no newbie, he has been around for a while in the guitar world. I was thrilled to see him involved in a vocal project with the band Maragold with the lead singer Meghan Krauss. Their debut album is super cool. I highly recommend it.