Down to the Waterline - Dire Straits - Chord chart for the solo

Huge Dire Straits fan and admirer of his guitarist singer Mark Knopfler, the first albums of the band particularly marked me, especially the first and Communiqué, the second. Sultans of Swing is probably one of the songs I've worked on most (and it's still the case today!) But also Down to the Waterline whose solo

Guitar tech and luthier Francisco Rodriguez interview
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Guitar tech and luthier Francisco Rodriguez interview

Francisco Rodriguez is a luthier I met at the 2015 Holy Grail Guitar Show. It happens he is not only a luthier but also a guitar tech once in a while. So he gets the experience of maintaining and managing the guitars he built on the road. Francisco is the guitar tech for the Dire Straits tribute band Brothers in band.

Dire Straits tribute band guitar player Oscar Rosende

Oscar Rosende is the lead guitar player and singer of the Dire Straits tribute band, Brothers in Band. I met him through his guitar tech Francisco Rodriguez who is also a luthier. Brothers in Band were in Paris to play La Cigale, a big concert hall. The way the band has mastered the Dire Straits repertoire is truly amazing.

On the interview above Judge Fredd presents the Money For Nothing pedal he has developed with JMB Experience to obtain the famous Mark Knopfler sound on the Dire Straits song Money For Nothing and more.

Last year Fredd introduced also with JMB a great overdrive pedal called the Riff Shooter, the Money For Nothing has some great potential to produce not only the trademark tone but also plenty of other cool tones.