Through Jeff McErlain (whom I would like to thank in passing) I did the interview of Ben Eunson ( below guitar in hand with this young Australian guitarist based in New York City. It was a blast to to record this video with this amazing musician. Ben Eunson interview The Guitar Channel podcast The audio

Greg Howe guitar in hand interview from Shrapnel to Michael Jackson and more

The American guitar player Greg Howe has played with huge pop stars from Michael Jackson to Justin Timberlake, Enrique Iglesias and more. His career as a solo artist or within a band has also been very rich. Here is a guitar in hand interview from his home in Oklahoma. The two other interviews with Greg

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Renaud Louis-Servais interview – Epic Circus album

Renaud Louis-Servais is one of the very best Fusion guitar player we have in France. He hast just released a new album called Epic Circus where he collaborated with none other than keyboard player Philippe Saisse and drummer Virgil Donati.

Renaud Louis-Servais was playing with his band at the Sunset in Paris for the launch of his new album Epic Circus. The Guitar Channel was there to shoot some video during the soundcheck. The full 14min video is shock full of cool guitar playing. Log on Backstage to watch Renaud rip it on his gorgeous Tom Anderson blue Drop Top.

Renaud website:

Chronicle of the concert
The concert in the evening was awesome from start to finish. Period.