Interview Pete Thorn at NAMM 2022
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Pete Thorn interview at NAMM

It is on Blue Cat Audio booth that I met Pete Thorn during the NAMM 2022. It is always a pleasure to interview this musician who is as busy on the stage around the world as he is on YouTube. Pete Thorn interview NAMM Reports & Interviews Until the next interview or gear review, keep

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NAMM 2022, the 13 interviews done on Saturday, from Jay Leonard J to Nathaniel Murphy

Here are all 13 interviews from Saturday, June 4, 2022 at NAMM in one article. You will find some of the best luthiers in the world, as well as two phenomenal musicians. Enjoy! This day was a great illustration of the fact that it is the meetings that make the most of the interest of

NAMM 2022, Fryday interviews, Mark Lettieri, Avi Shabat, Pete Thorn, Rhett Shull and 17 others!

Friday, June 3, 2022 was the first day of this 3-day NAMM 2022. It seemed as if everyone had been waiting for the opening of this event for 29 months since the last Winter NAMM was in January 2020, just before the whole world came to an abrupt stop. In short, this Friday was intense

Black Volt Amplification, Giovanni Loria interview during the NAMM

Against all expectations (at least for some people, but except me!) this first day of the NAMM 2022 post-pandemic version was great! A lot of people from 10:00 in the morning until closing time. On the content side, no less than 11 interviews to be found in the report below. NAMM 2022 - Day 1

YouTube Gem - Tone Talk Episode #14: John Suhr, Dave Friedman and Pete Thorn

Thanks to Thierry Labrouze from Kelt Amplification, I discovered the Tone Talk YouTube channel. When a tube amp guru like Thierry recommends you listen to something you listen, you do it! Tone Talk is hosted by Dave Friedman and Marc Huzansky. Warning Tone Talk is actually a video chat recorded with several people. There is no real

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Guitar Summit 2018 - Video blogging - Day 2

This year again for this second edition, the German Guitar Summit in Mannheim was a great opportunity to produce a nice series of video interviews which are listed below. We highly recommend this event which proposes an excellent array of guitar exhibitors with a full program of concerts, masterclasses and conferences. 2018 Guitar Summit interviews

Pete Thorn interview - In the heat of Shibuya, Tokyo
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Pete Thorn interview – In the heat of Shibuya, Tokyo

Pete Thorn is a musician who works a lot, whether to produce his excellent videos on guitar gear or to tour behind great international stars around the world, he never stops. After Paris in 2013, our paths crossed again but at the end of the world this time since this new interview was held in

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Pete Thorn interview: the best guitar nerd

Hey Pete Thorn titled his solo album Guitar Nerd so I guess it gives me the right call him that right? If you are a gear addicts (as we all are at one level) you must have viewed one of the numerous videos Pete has on his YouTube channel.