United Guitars #4, report on the sound check and concert at New Morning in Paris

The concert for volume 4 of the United Guitars (united-guitars.fr) project took place on Monday December 4th at the New Morning in Paris, with no fewer than 24 guitarists taking to the stage in succession! Ludovic Egraz and Olivia Rivasseau brilliantly rose to the challenge. A huge bravo to them and to all the musicians

Mike Stern in top form: report, interviews, sound check and concert excerpts

Mike Stern (mikestern.org) was in France for two concerts, one at the superb Théâtre des 2 Rives in Charenton, near Paris, and one at the Guitaralde festival in Hendaye (guitaralde.fr), organized by Jean-Marie Ecay. Already met in Canada during the 2018 Montreal Jazz Festival, I was delighted to meet Mike Stern again. Here is the

Marcus King Band soundcheck in Paris, March 1st 2020 at L'Alhambra

On March 1st 2020, the Marcus King Band played in Paris, France in the Alhambra concert hall. The Guitar Channel was onsite to record an interview with Marcus and to capture the band during the soundcheck with Marcus blessing. Marcus King Band soundcheck Marcus King amps Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar!

Marcus King (marcuskingband.com) is not even 25 years old and already asserts himself as an incredible talented singer guitarist. In collaboration with Radio Perfecto Rock (radioperfecto.fr), here is a guitar in hand interview carried out in his dressing room at the L'Alhambra concert hall just before his Parisian concert on March 1, 2020. As a

Mike Stern interview - 2018 Montreal Jazz Festival

In interview Mike Stern, a sacred monster of Jazz guitar who played at the 2018 edition at the Montreal Jazz Festival in a formation he co-directed with Randy Brecker (trumpet). 20min of interview with this influential musician who radiates at 65 a phenomenal level of energy. A great meeting with a unique musician! As a bonus

Calum Graham interview - Young fingerstyle Canadian guitar player

Calum Graham is one of his ultra-talented young musicians with a stunning fingerstyle acoustic guitar technique, with a musicality that is undeniable. Add to this already explosive cocktail that the young Canadian sings very well and that his album Tabula Rasa was produced by Antoine Dufour, you will understand why The Guitar Channel could not

Nir Felder interview during the Montreal Jazz Festival

Nir Felder is a jazz guitarist that I met thanks to the official adviser on the subject for The Guitar Channel, namely Bruno Pelletier-Bacquaert (a big thank you Bruno!).

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Gilad Hekselman during the 2015 Montreal Jazz Festival

This summer while I was covering the Montreal Jazz Festival I had the pleasure to meet again Gilad Hekselman for an in-depth interview about his latest album Homes which was just released this October.

Questions asked during the interview

How does it feel to play the Montréal Jazz festival?
Is that the occasion to play with other musicians and to jam?
Last time we met it was in Paris last year, what's new since?
How come jazz musicians are able to sound good on the first note of the first tune at the soundcheck?
How do you approach soundcheck

Renaud Louis-Servais was playing with his band at the Sunset in Paris for the launch of his new album Epic Circus. The Guitar Channel was there to shoot some video during the soundcheck. The full 14min video is shock full of cool guitar playing. Log on Backstage to watch Renaud rip it on his gorgeous Tom Anderson blue Drop Top.

Renaud website: renaud.ls.free.fr

Chronicle of the concert
The concert in the evening was awesome from start to finish. Period.

Last year I had the pleasure to do an audio interview with Warren Haynes, this time we did it again but in video in between the Govt Mule sound check and the concert in Paris.

It's always a pleasure to meet and interview Mattias Eklundh as he is such a nice guy and awesome musician. I dig the last album "Cooking with Pagan" he has just released with Freak Kitchen, it's shock full of cool songs with incredible guitar works.
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As it is the 3rd time I get to do an interview with Mattias, we got a little crazy during the interview.

The legendary Al Di Meola was headlining the 2013 Issoudun Guitar Festival, knowing that I made every effort to get an interview with him. This was done thanks to Kevin Seddiki, guitarist with whom Al plays in duo, who was kind enough to play the role of intermediary and put me in touch with the management of the master. A huge thank to Kevin for his intervention.
The interview with Al Di Meola
I had 10min to do my interview, including setup time. I do not deny that I was a little nervous to meet such a superstar.

Done just before the soundcheck of the concert that evening as headlining of the 2013 Issoudun Guitar Festival, here is the interview with one and only Al Di Meola.
The video above is an extract of the interview
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With the permission of the management I was able to attend the soundcheck of the duo and shoot some images.  It's a rare moment where we you get the impression that the artists play only for you.

Here is a small part of the Tommy Emmanuel soundcheck I shot with my iPhone 3G at the New Morning in Paris on 04/05/09.

Direct link to the file: LCG-011-20090526.m4v

Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar!


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Here is an audio recording of the Tommy Emmanuel soundcheck, recorded on 05/05/09 at the New Morning in Paris.

Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar!


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