Guthrie Govan interview – The Aristocrats Part 2/2

Last week I published the Bryan Beller interview in this episode, this week none other than Guthrie Govan himself.

As you can guess I was thrilled to speak to Guthrie who is one of the srongest rising star of guitar playing. It's the kind of musician you hear about in guitar magazine way before you hear their music then you discover what they do and you're blown away!

Yes, Guthrie is THAT good.

Song extracts from the album played before the interview:

+ Get It Like That
+ Sweaty Knockers

They will be playing in Paris on March 14th 2012 in Paris at La Scène Bastille ( so if you are around, don’t miss that! The rest of the tour dates are on their website here.



Into guitars?

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