Gus G talks about his Blackfire pickups and let you win a set!

The Greek guitar player Gus G who played with Ozzy Osbourne and now leads his own band Firewind launches his brand of guitar pickups, Blackfire ( In this guitar in hand interview he demonstrates the two types of models, the Immortal (passive) and the Proteus (active) and talks about his current projects. Win a pair

Gus G interview to talk about the Firewind album

The Greek guitarist Gus G who accompanied Ozzy Osbourne releases a new album with his band Firewind ( After meeting him in February 2020 at the United Guitars festival where he was invited to play in Paris, France after playing on the album Volume 1, here is an interview to talk about all this and

Gus G

Here's some heavy rock with this Gus G interview. This guitar player from Greece not only plays with none other than Ozzy Osbourne but also fronts his own band Firewind.