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The bluesman Eric Bibb was in Paris to present his latest album, a double CD entitled Global Griot. These 24 songs present a great mix between Blues and African music with as always Eric Bibb's great compositions. The Guitar Channel is very happy to present you this new Guitar-in-Hand interview with the American musician. Summary

Eric Bibb is a very prolific musician who is now releasing Migration Blues, a magnificent album about a theme which is very tragically present in the news. Supported by the French harp player Jean-Jacques Milteau and by Michael Jerome Browne for a multitude of stringed instruments (guitars, mandolin, banjo, etc.), Eric delivers here a masterly work that is a treat to listen to.

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Interview with Eric Bibb digging for Lead Belly’s gold

It's always a pleasure to do an interview with Eric Bibb as he is very generous and thoughtful in his answers. Eric has just released and album with harp player Jean-Jacques Milteau mostly around Lead Belly songs and a couple pf compositions by the duo.

Guitar wise, in this interview Eric is playing an all mahogany Larson Bros guitar ( built by Maurice Dupont ( in France.

Album Review
The 16 song album is excellent to revisit with a new twist all the Lead Belly repertoire.

The Guitar Channel Video Chronicle

Here's a video chronicle in a magazine format packed with news, mini gear reviews and interviews from Richie Kotzen, Billy Sheehan who were in Paris for the european tour of the Winery Dogs and Eric Bibb, a great bluesman who is about to release a superb album called Jericho Road.


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Eric Bibb guitar in hand interview in Paris

Exclusively for the Backstage pass owners, here's the full version of the Eric Bibb interview I did with him for the release of his album Jericho Road.


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Last week in episode #145 I published the interview with Eric Bibb, now is the time to enjoy a song performed by him and beautifuly filmed as always by my usual partner in crime for video, Nicolas Esposito (aka @nesposit) from Rendez-Vous Création.

The link to Nicolas's blog post on his own website is here.



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@EricBibb interview: Deeper In The Well

It's a great pleasure for me to present you with a second interview with the great blues man Eric Bibb (aka @ericbibb). The first one is in episode #68.

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I had the pleasure this quiet but VERY intense bluesman, believe me, he has a DEEP voice and it is quite a feat to interview such a nice gentleman with such an articulate way to express himself.

His album "Booker's Guitar" is a pure joy and if Eric plays near you, go check him out!

Eric official website:

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