David Wallimann interview: finally discover the modes in a clear book

I found David Wallimann through his awesome YouTube channel so when I heard about his excellent book Guitar Methods Made Easy I contacted him to organize an interview. You will discover in this interview how he wrote his book, how he developed his approach of modes and many other things.


At one point or another in their learning life all the guitar players are exposed to modes without always understanding everything and above all without actually integrating all the wealth that they have in their playing, at least that was my case. This book with an approach that is both clear and comprehensive guides the reader through the various modes. In the end we can better understand how the methods work and how to use them.

There is no black magic, however, you have to work to make sure you progress. But having a book of this quality is a real plus. Personally I finally understood some important things even though I still have some work to fully master the subject.

If you want to purchase David's book, he has graciously provided all listeners the promo code "TGC" to enjoy 20% discount on all orders made ​​on its www.guitarplayback.com site.

On top of that, David is allowing me to offer you a free backing track called Dorian Floyd and an associated PDF with the chords grid and suggested scales to work on your Dorian mode and minor blues scale. Not bad, huh? Just follow this link.

Backstage pass holders have an another discount code to enjoy a 50% discount on any order on www.guitarplayback.com.

20% off with code TGC, 30% for the Backstage Pass owners

20% off with code TGC, 50% for the Backstage Pass owners

Until the next interview, keep on playing your guitar!


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