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Bjorn Berge, the Norwegian giant, by size and talent, was in Paris for an acoustic concert at La Bellevilloise and to promote an excellent 100% electric album titled Who Else. Here's a Guitar in Hand interview right before the concert. Bjorn Berge interview Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre Journel.

Bjorn Berge - Blackwood
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Bjorn Berge interview

For the second time I had the pleasure to meet and interview Bjorn Berge the great norwegian guitar player. The first time was last year in this episode. The guy can be pretty intimidating but he is very cool and extremely nice.

I was at his New Morning show the night before we did the interview, he gave a superb show. The place was packed and the crowd very responsive to Bjorn.

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Bjorn Berge interview transcription (PDF) #Backstage


Here is a transcription by Jenn at Random Chatter Music of the Bjorn Berge interview I did back in episode #78.

Link to the PDF transcription
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Bjorn Berge interview

Here is a great acoustic norwegian guitar player in this episode.