Here is a guitar in hand video interview with the American musicien Popa Chubby well known to usually 200 shows per year. He presents his latest album Tinfoil Hat and how he has adapted to the pandemic situation. Take a listen to the album as I think it is one of the best Popa Chubby

Popa Chubby guitar in hand - Video interview
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Popa Chubby guitar in hand about The Catfish

Popa Chubby is quite a character so imagine doing an interview Guitar in Hand to talk about his latest album The Catfish.

Interview guitar in hand with the Big, Bad and Beautiful Popa Chubby

It's always an experience to interview such a colorful musician like Popa Chubby, this time we did it Guitar in Hand.

After the interview published in episode #124, here is the video of "Pound Of Flesh" song from the lasted Popa Chubby album "Back To New-York City".

Once more, Nicolas Esposito de Rendez-Vous Création has done a great job to capture on video this moment.

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Popa Chubby interview (@Popachubb)

For the 2nd time (see this episode for the 1st interview), I had the pleasure to interview Popa Chubby as he was in paris to promote his latest album Back To New York City. After the interview we did a video recording of the song Pound Of Flesh you will see in next week episode.

Meeting and interviewing Popa is always some kind of adventure, this time we were supposed to to the interview in a radio studio but during the show he broke two strings so we had to go back to the hotel to get some new strings.

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The Fight Is On - Popa Chubby
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Popa Chubby interview transcription (PDF) #Backstage


Here is a transcription by Jenn at Random Chatter Music of the Popa Chubby interview I did back in episode #81.

Link to the PDF transcription
Good reading,


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Popa Chubby interview (@Popachubb)

Popa Chubby is a New-York born guitar player which is pretty famous in France, I had the pleasure to interview him just before he played the Cabaret Sauvage in Paris.

As usual, before the intervie you will hear some extracts from his latest album "The Fight Is On":

The Fight Is On
We Got Some Rocking To Do
The Right Time
Steelhorse Serenade

Happy listening,


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